What happened with Ludmila and Federico?

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What happened with Ludmila and Federico?

In season one, Ludmila disliked Federico a lot because he was Violetta’s friend and Ludmila hated Violetta. But in season two, their relationship changed a lot because they turned from enemies to crushes. In season three, they broke up because Ludmila stole Violetta’s song “Quiero”.

What episode do Ludmila and Federico get together?

In the Portuguese version of Violetta Federico called Ludmila “my love” in Italian. They broke up, in Season 3/Episode 029 , but they got back together in Season 3/Episode 035 .

Did Violetta and Leon have a baby?

Violetta gave the birth to a baby boy and named him Pink Panther. He knew that it was Violetta and Leon’s child and realized that they got married without his permission.

What episode does Federico come back Violetta?

He’s an only child. Federico was a recurring character in Season 1 and 2, but he became a main character in Season 3. He returned in season 2, episode 46, and appeared in almost every episode since. He is in the band “All For You” with León, Andrés, Maxi and Broduey.

Do Violetta and Leon get married?

Leon and Violetta are finally getting married. They love each other so much more than anything. But when Violetta finds out that she have a sister she wants to go back to here father, So they can find out where she is. But how can Leon handle this…

Who is Diego’s dad in Violetta?

Gregorio Casal
Diego Hernández is one of the main antagonists in Season 2, along with his best friend, Ludmila, and his father Gregorio Casal. He comes from Spain, but he is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How did Ludmila get Violetta out of the studio?

At the You-Mix show in episode 20, Ludmila asked Naty to get Violetta out of the room as she was dressed up as Violetta and cut the wires in an attempt to get Violetta kicked out. However, Naty failed and Violetta stayed in the studio, making Ludmila furious.

What kind of person is Ludmila Ferro in Violetta?

Ludmila is quite a diva, but she is also a lying, manipulative, and arrogant person. She’s obsessed with her image and always wants to be the center of attention, especially at Studio 21. She always gets what she wants because she is a spoiled and cruel person. But her attitude and her mean character isn’t her true self.

Why is Ludmila so jealous of Tomas and Violetta?

Despite being completely different from Tomas (both in kindness and in friends), she is attracted to him. But Tomas is in love with Violetta, which makes Ludmila obsessive and jealous. She sees an enemy in Violetta because her talent and natural beauty can outshine her.

Who is Natalia Vidal in on Beat Studio?

Natalia “Naty/Nati” Vidal is one of the students at On Beat Studio and is Ludmila ‘s sidekick. However, she is more Ludmila’s servant than her friend. She knows that Ludmila would betray her if there was something in it for her, but she stays with her anyway, hoping that it would help her become a diva as well. Natalia is portrayed by Alba Rico.