What is a antonym for Madras?

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What is a antonym for Madras?

Antonyms. natural object conductor insulator immateriality unbodied.

How do you use Madras in a sentence?

He’s wearing a madras hat, plaid women’s slacks that go down only as far as his shins, and a plaid jacket with two drooping flowers in his lapel. The woman wore a tignon of brightly colored madras cotton and a dark kersey shawl over a long dress of coarse linen.

Is Madras in English word?

1. a fine, firm cotton cloth, usually striped or plaid, used for shirts, dresses, etc. 2.

What is a synonym for Corvair?

Top 10 similar words or synonyms for corvair roadster 0.784580. toronado 0.769993. chevette 0.767817. lesabre 0.766983. roadsters 0.763220.

What does Madras mean in Spanish?

madras n. (cotton fabric) (tejido) madrás nm.

What is a madras shirt?

A lightweight, hand woven cotton fabric with a plaid, striped or checkered pattern that’s made with semi-permanent vegetable dyes known for bleeding to give it the soft, muted colors it’s known for, although madras are also commonly patterned with plaid, stripes, and checks.

Who is a Madras person?

distribution in India The Kekayas, Madras, and Ushinaras, who had settled in the region between Gandhara and the Beas River, were described as descendants of the Anu tribe. The Matsyas occupied an area to the southwest of present-day Delhi.

What is Madras called now?

Post-Independence, Madras became the capital city of the State of Tamil Nadu. Madras was rechristened in 1998 as Chennai (from Chennapatnam, which was a nearby town named by Damarla Venkatadri Nayaka in honour of his father, Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu) when some other Indian cities were also being renamed.

What is the difference between Madras and plaid?

In fact, madras plaid fabrics are not referred to as authentic madras, if they are the printed sort. They would be disqualified from being “Madras”, and would be simply known as printed plaid. Plaid patterns are generally more complex, while check patterns are much simpler.

What is Madras city?

Chennai was previously called Madras. Madras was the shortened name of the fishing village Madraspatnam, where the British East India Company built a fort and factory (trading post) in 1639–40. Tamil Nadu officially changed the name of the city to Chennai in 1996.