What is a CMI Level 7 Diploma equivalent to?

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What is a CMI Level 7 Diploma equivalent to?

Equivalent to a Master’s Degree, the online CMI Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership course, is designed for Managers who are already operating at the strategic level and is designed to improve your ability to implement fundamental management and leadership models within your organisation’s strategic framework.

Are CMI qualifications good?

CMI qualifications are highly strategic and are ideal if you want to study within a progressive framework that equips you with the skills and knowledge to progress your professional career. 85% of managers agreed that their CMI qualification improved their performance and subsequently their teams’ performance as well.

What are the CMI levels?

Get started with CMI qualifications

  • Team Leader (Level 2)
  • Supervisor & First Line Manager (Level 3)
  • Junior Manager (Level 4)
  • Middle, Operational & Departmental Manager (Level 5)
  • Professional & Senior Manager (Level 6)
  • Senior, Director & CEO (Level 7 & 8)
  • Professional Consultants.
  • Armed Forces.

What is a CMI Level 5 Award?

Overview. The Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership lets you strengthen and develop your knowledge of middle management by focusing on specific management areas that are applicable to your job.

Is CMI equivalent to a degree?

CMI qualifications at Level 6 portray practical skills and competences that are rated in academic terms as being comparable to Bachelor’s Degrees, Graduate Certificates and Diplomas.

Can you put CMI after my name?

Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession. Chartered managers can add the letters ‘CMgr MCMI’ after their name. Awarded only by CMI, thousands of UK managers at all levels and across all sectors now hold Chartered Manager status and highly value it.

Is CMI a Recognised qualification?

CMI qualifications are nationally recognised, making them a major addition to your CV. Chartered Management status and the acronym ‘CMI’ are synonymous with quality and excellence, and qualifications accredited by the body are nationally recognised.

Is CMI a professional body?

Get Chartered Backed by our royal charter, CMI is the only professional body able to award Chartered Manager status.

Is CMI a qualification?

CMI qualifications are designed to provide you with the tools, support and guidance needed to take on any professional challenge. Created in collaboration with employers, our qualifications are proven to boost employability, productivity and create conscious leaders.