What is a covering letter for visa application?

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What is a covering letter for visa application?

A cover letter for visa application or a personal covering letter for visa is an important document wherein the traveller states their purpose for travel along with other relevant details.

How do I write an introduction letter to an embassy?

How to write a letter of introduction for visa applicationThe recipient’s address, which should be in the upper right corner.Your personal address and contact details, which are active if the embassy decides to contact you.Current date.Your objective, which is no longer than one full sentence.You will need to turn to the person you are writing to “Dear (full name)”.

Is a cover letter a letter of introduction?

A cover letter is a letter of introduction and an invitation to the employer to read your resume. If that is not possible, you can address the letter as “Dear Hiring Manager.” Your cover letter should never be longer than a single page. You want to use the same font and paper as your resume.