What is a Dionic battery?

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What is a Dionic battery?

The Dionic XT Battery from Anton Bauer is a V-mount lithium-ion battery that supports a capacity of 99Wh. This battery comes equipped with a multi-mode backlit display (with touch switch for backlight activation and mode selection) as well as a USB and a P-Tap power output for accessories.

How long do Anton Bauer batteries last?

Dionic XT batteries contain unique technology that increases run-time and lengthens life cycle, together with Anton/Bauer’s balanced, high-quality cells that deliver a long performance life. Dionic XT batteries have a warrantied life of 1200 cycles. What amperage can the Dionic XT batteries supply?

How do I reset my Anton Bauer battery?

To reset your battery take a paper clip or similar and gently press the reset button located under the hole above the display of your battery. For all other issues please contact Anton/Bauer Customer Support at [email protected] 800-541-1667 (US Only) or 203-925-4992.

What is a vlock battery?

V mount, or v lock, batteries, are large capacity batteries used to power high-end cameras, LED lighting, monitors, microphones, and other compatible equipment. Internally, V-mount battery packs contain a series of smaller lithium-ion cells wired together to produce the power capacity stated on the label.

How do you charge an Anton Bauer battery?

Simply plug the charger into an outlet and power applicable gear through the XLR4 connection. Can I power equipment from the XLR4 port just using the batteries on the charger? Yes. Unlike some competitive chargers, you can use batteries to power the XLR4 port and power your remote shoots via this method.

What is V Lock?

vlock is a utility used to lock one or several user virtual console sessions. vlock is important on a multi user system, it allows users to lock their own sessions while other users can still use the same system via other virtual consoles.

How does a V lock work?

The ES8000, also known as the V-lock is a high torque motorised bolt that moves from the vertical position to the horizontal state when locked. The bolt moves into the V shaped strike plate pulling the door aligned with the lock.

What is V lock Lmode?

LMODE: This is the “mode” of the “type” of the lock. The LMODE has values from 0 to 6, 6 being the most restrictive and 0 being least restrictive. When a session obtains lock in mode 6 that mean it has obtained exclusive lock and no other session is allowed to update the data.

What is AP tap?

A camera has a certain size and type of DC connector. For this reason, professional battery systems have what is called a Power tap or P-tap or D-tap connector, from which you run a cable that connects to your camera.

What is Hasselblad V mount?

Hasselblad V-mount, a bayonet lens mount used in a series of Hasselblad medium format cameras. Minolta V-mount, a fully electronic bayonet lens mount used in the Minolta Vectis and RD series of APS-C cameras and lenses.

What is V lock?