What is a good BMI for a female athlete?

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What is a good BMI for a female athlete?

They are meant to promote good health among athletes and prevent eating disorders among young athletes. The recommendations say that an athlete’s BMI is not allowed to fall below 18.5. A woman is not allowed to have a fat percentage below 12, and girls under the age of 18 should not have a BMI below 14.

What is a healthy BMI for Asian women?

Many have suggested that for Asian Americans, a BMI less than 18.5 is underweight, a BMI from 18.5 to less than 23.0 is healthy, while a BMI between 23.0 to 27.5 is overweight, and a BMI above 27.5 is obese.

What is normal BMI for Asians?

Table 1

WHO (BMI) Asia-Pacific (BMI)
Underweight <18.5 <18.5
Normal 18.5–24.9 18.5–22.9
Overweight 25–29.9 23–24.9
Obese ≥30 ≥25

What is a realistic BMI for someone athletic?

The “normal” range for BMI is 18.5 to 24.9. At 1.88m and a weight over 100kg, McCaw’s BMI was around 30. Sprinter Usain Bolt’s BMI, calculated as 24.5, is just within the healthy range. Of course, BMI shouldn’t be used to measure athletes’ health.

What is a good BMI for a runner?

Some runners may have a BMI above the “normal” range of 18.5 to 24.9 but may have excellent cardiovascular health, low blood pressure and a slow, runners heart rate, while some within the normal range do not. This just underscores who BMI is just a starting point for determining a healthy weight range.

What is a healthy weight for a 5’5 female athlete?

Height and Weight Chart

Height Weight
5′ 4″ 110 to 144 lbs. 145 to 173 lbs.
5′ 5″ 114 to 149 lbs. 150 to 179 lbs.
5′ 6″ 118 to 154 lbs. 155 to 185 lbs.
5′ 7″ 121 to 158 lbs. 159 to 190 lbs.

How much does the average Chinese woman weigh?

By country

Country Average male weight Average female weight
China 77.7 kg (171.3 lb) 59.5 kg (131.2 lb)
Costa Rica – San José 76.6 kg (168.9 lb) 64.9 kg (143.1 lb)
Czech Republic 92.1 kg (203.0 lb) 73.8 kg (162.7 lb)
Estonia 84.4 kg (186.1 lb) 71.2 kg (157.0 lb)

What is an acceptable BMI for a woman?

A BMI of 18.5–24.9 is considered normal or healthy for most women. Even though healthcare professionals can use BMI as a screening tool, they shouldn’t use it as a method to evaluate a person’s body fat levels or health status ( 32 ).

What is ideal weight athlete?

The “ideal” weight for a 5’2″ female athlete would be 131 lbs. But for a 5’9″ female athlete it would be closer to 163 lbs. Conversely, if a 5’9″ female athlete only weighed 135 lbs (a BMI of 20), that could have a negative impact on their performance potential.

Is there a BMI Calculator for Asian Americans?

Therefore, the outcomes of this BMI Calculator was designed specifically for Asian and Asian American Adults. BMI cutoff points on this chart are lower than those defined by National Institutes of Health (NIH). What is your BMI?

How to calculate BMI for a male athlete?

Lean male athletes often have a high muscle-to-fat ratio and therefore a BMI that is misleadingly high relative to their body-fat percentage. BMI formula. The BMI (Body Mass Index) in (kg/m2) is equal to the mass in kilograms (kg) divided by the square height in meters (m): BMI(kg/m 2) = mass(kg) / height 2 (m)

What’s the normal BMI for a Japanese person?

Japanese BMI calculator reflects the recommendations to low the normal and overweight BMI threshold for Asians to 23. Japanese redefined obesity and Japanese BMI calculator is tuned to national definition of obesity as BMI more than 25.

What’s the normal weight for an Asian in Singapore?

Normal weight = 18.5–24.9; Overweight = 25–29.9; Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater; BMI Calculator Asian (Singapore) vs BMI Calculator Western