What is a good sentence for imputation?

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What is a good sentence for imputation?

1, I could not rest under the imputation. 2, We apologise unreservedly for any imputation of incorrect behaviour by Mr Taylor. 3, He denied the imputation. 4, The imputation of such benefits raises a number of issues, including the correct identification of the beneficiaries.

How do you use imputation in a sentence?

Imputation in a Sentence đŸ”‰

  1. Without having any proof, the boy’s imputation of his girlfriend’s theft angered her because she didn’t steal anything.
  2. It turned out that the child’s imputation that his brother had hidden his toys was incorrect when the toy was found in the child’s bedroom.

What is an example of imputation?

Examples of imputation in a Sentence I resent the imputation that I’m nice to Grandmother because she has money.

What is mediate imputation?

Under the “mediate imputation” view (due to Joshua Placaeus), humans inherited a proclivity to sin because of Adam’s act. In recent years, theologians have begun to explain the transmission of original sin by socialization and character deformation rather than imputation.

What impute means?

Impute is a somewhat formal word that is used to suggest that someone or something has done or is guilty of something. It is similar in meaning to such words as ascribe and attribute, though it is more likely to suggest an association with something that brings discredit.

What is a sentence for resilient?

Resilient sentence example. A diamond is the hardest, most resilient , most beautiful gem of all. She’s resilient to make it this far. Caoutchouc is a soft elastic resilient solid.

What do the word imputation mean?

impute • \im-PYOOT\ • verb. 1 : to lay the responsibility or blame for often falsely or unjustly 2 : to credit to a person or a cause.

What does imputation mean in law?

1) To attach or ascribe. 2) To place responsibility or blame on one person for acts of another person because of a particular relationship, such as mother to child, guardian to ward, employer to employee, or business associates.

Which is the best imputation method?

The simplest imputation method is replacing missing values with the mean or median values of the dataset at large, or some similar summary statistic. This has the advantage of being the simplest possible approach, and one that doesn’t introduce any undue bias into the dataset.

What is imputation method?

Imputation methods are those where the missing data are filled in to create a complete data matrix that can be analyzed using standard methods. Single imputation procedures are those where one value for a missing data element is filled in without defining an explicit model for the partially missing data.

What does imputed mean biblically?

Imputed righteousness is a concept in Christian theology proposing that the “righteousness of Christ is imputed to [believers] — that is, treated as if it were theirs through faith.” It is on the basis of Jesus’ righteousness that God accepts humans. This acceptance is also referred to as justification.

What does imputed means in the Bible?

2 : to credit or ascribe (something) to a person or a cause : attribute our vices as well as our virtues have been imputed to bodily derangement— B. N. Cardozo.

How is the word mediate used in a sentence?

Examples of mediate in a Sentence. He has been appointed to mediate the dispute. He is attempting to mediate a settlement between the company and the striking workers. Negotiators are trying to mediate a cease-fire.

How is arbitration similar to a mediate state?

Arbitration is similar to mediation, but in arbitration both parties in a dispute agree to accept the arbitrator’s decision. Adjective has a black-and-white view of human nature, believing that there is no mediate state between good and evil Verb He has been appointed to mediate the dispute.

What is the role of a mediator in a dispute?

Mediation is often used in disputes between companies and labor unions, and the government actually provides mediators for such disagreements. The mediator tries to bring the two sides to an agreement, but doesn’t have the power to actually order such an agreement. Mediators also sometimes have a role in international disputes;