What is a shutter bracket?

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What is a shutter bracket?

Timberlane’s Clear Fixed Mount Shutter Bracket Kit gives you the ability to install wood and composite wood shutters directly to your house without the need to drill holes in the face of the shutter. Our shutter brackets attach to the bottom and sides of each shutter, providing support and are easy to install.

What holds shutters together?

Stainless steel or cast iron shutter bolts enable a homeowner to lock exterior shutters in a closed position over the window. A slide latch fastens to the horizontal rail of one shutter close to the inside edge. The receiver attaches to the adjacent shutter and the bolt slides between the two parts.

What is a shutter clip?

Builders Edge shutter clips provide an alternate method of installation without drilling through the front of the shutter and cannot be seen once fully installed. For use with all Builders Edge standard shutters.

How do shutter brackets work?

When open, the hinge is well hidden and fully clear of the window. They employ an ingenious design to dependably lock in an open position. A slight elevation of the shutter permits the panel to swing closed. The hinge can be separated by fully lifting the shutter side leaf from the pintle side mounted on the casing.

How long should shutter screws be?

They are standard 2 ½ inch steel screws with the heads painted to match your shutters.

Is it hard to install shutters?

Installing shutters won’t take long, even if you’re a DIY novice. In fact, most of our customers fit their shutters within 60 minutes – and we’re here to help you. Simply select the type of window and the particular guide you need to download your Step By Step Installation Guide.

How are shutter brackets attached to the wall?

The brackets extend across the back of the shutter and spread the weight load more evenly, thereby supporting the shutter better than fasteners drilled directly through the shutter and into the wall. Many types of bracket attach from the back of the shutter, so fasteners aren’t visible on the face of the shutter.

How are exterior shutters supposed to be mounted?

These days, many exterior shutters are purely decorative and don’t close at all. The method you choose to mount your shutters will depend on how or if you want them to operate. Although manufacturers typically discourage the practice, shutters may be mounted directly to the wall with no other hardware.

What kind of anchors are used for shutters?

When incorporated with the HurricaneFabric/AstroGuard patented building anchors, your home’s protection becomes second to none. See Full Product Description Deluxe installation building fastener anchors are designed to be used with AstroGuard fabric.

What kind of fastener to use for shutters?

Deluxe installation building fastener anchors are designed to be used with AstroGuard fabric. This fastener anchor taps into most building materials, offering superior holding power for superior hurricane protection.