What is another way to say snapshot?

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What is another way to say snapshot?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for snapshot, like: candid camera shot, snap-shot, picture, action shot, image, photo, shot, snap, photograph and print.

What does snapshot view mean?

: an informal photograph that is taken quickly. : a quick view or a small amount of information that tells you a little about what someone or something is like.

What can I say instead of view?

Synonyms & Antonyms of view

  • command,
  • lookout,
  • outlook,
  • panorama,
  • perspective,
  • prospect,
  • vista.

What is a word for views?

prospect, picture, outlook, sight, glimpse, scene, way, perspective, aspect, vision, look, analysis, display, point of view, concept, sentiment, impression, mind, thought, attitude.

What are some antonyms for snapshot?


  • stand still.
  • open.
  • invulnerability.
  • safety.

What is a snapshot in business?

Business snapshot is a dashboard that shows valuable financial information, such as profitability, income and expenses, and much more. Users in your organisation with read-only, standard + reports, and advisor roles can view the business snapshot dashboard.

Why is it called a snapshot?

The term arose from the fascination of artists with the “classical” black-and-white vernacular snapshot, the characteristics of which were: 1) they were made with a hand-held camera on which the viewfinder could not easily ‘see’ the edges of the frame, unlike modern cheap digital cameras with electronic viewfinder, and …

What is the antonym of point of view?

What is the opposite of point of view?

cluelessness ignorance
illiteracy lack of education
mental unclarity obtuseness
unenlightenment dumbness
empty-headedness half-knowledge

What is the antonym of view?

What is the opposite of view?

certainty fact
practicality realness
realism representativeness
veracity certitude
evidence genuineness

How do you say nice view?


  1. breathtaking.
  2. dramatic.
  3. grand.
  4. panoramic.
  5. spectacular.
  6. impressive.
  7. striking.