What is brotherhood MC?

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What is brotherhood MC?

Established in 1974 by a group of dedicated riders who shared a common vision of unity, service and respect for one another, The Brotherhood Motorcycle Club has been going strong for over 45 years now.

Who are the military brotherhood?

The Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club (MBMMC) is a military motorcycle club for serving and ex-serving members of the Australian Defence Forces, Commonwealth and Allied Forces, their families, friends and their supporter base.

What is warriors mc?

The WARRIORS M/C was established as a First Nations Native American Motorcycle Club for an “Elite Few”. The WARRIORS M/C has members from all walks of life and from different motorcycle clubs from the 60’s to present. We do accept A Select Few Individuals who ride yet want to retire from other Motorcycle Clubs.

How do you join veterans MC?

The Veterans MC is a closed club that invites individuals to become members after they have formed a personal bond or affiliation with the club. Veterans MC clubhouse is located next door to the Nollamara RSL and opens the doors to the public on Friday evenings between 7:00pm and midnight.

What does brotherhood of the 74 mean?

Mark For: BROTHERHOOD MR 74® trademark registration is intended to cover the category of organizing chapters of a motorcycle club and promoting the interests of the members thereof. >The colors red, blue, yellow, and black are claimed as a feature of the mark.

Who are the Outlaws MC enemies?

Outlaws Motorcycle Club enemies:

  • Hells Lovers MC are enemies.
  • Heathens MC are enemies.
  • The Highwaymen MC are also a rival of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.
  • Iron Order MC are enemies.
  • Renegades MC are enemies.
  • Warlocks MC (Florida) are enemies.

Why do soldiers want to go back to war?

Whether it’s in the face of negligent family members, fellow service members, or even self-actualized detriment, a veteran’s want for returning to war can greatly mean their own need to bolster worthiness, courage and their ultimate value in the war front.

Are the Leathernecks MC A 1 club?

About the Leathernecks Nation Motorcycle Club (LNMC) Our members consist of a very special breed of person. All cruiser style bikes are welcome but American is preferred. We are not a 1% club.

Who are the Warlocks MC rivals?

Rivals of The Warlocks are Iron Order MC, Renegades MC, and Highwaymen MC. The Warlocks are mostly an East Coast group with some international chapters in Canada, Germany, and England.

Are the veterans MC Outlaws?

The most conspicuous difference is the Veterans’ colours do not carry the 1 per cent patch of the outlaws.   “We are not outlaws, we are certainly not criminals,” says DK. “We are ex-military so we are very disciplined and we obey the letter of the law.

Is the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club an outlaw club?

The Hells Angels, Mongols, Vagos, and other motorcycle clubs consider themselves “one-percenter” groups, and law enforcement authorities call them outlaw gangs. The Vietnam Legacy Vets do not claim one-percent or outlaw status. “We are not a motorcycle gang.