What is dribble drive motion offense?

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What is dribble drive motion offense?

The dribble drive motion offense is a guard-oriented offense that focuses on spreading the floor and attacking the rim with a dribble. The key to this offense is being tough to guard by attacking the defense so you make multiple defenders have to stop you.

What is a stride stop in basketball?

A stride stop in basketball is a move used when a player catches a pass or stops dribbling the ball, setting down his pivot foot. In a stride stop, the player receiving the pass or dribbling the ball will stop by landing on the ground with one foot before the other.

Who are the players in the dribble drive offense?

The Dribble Drive Motion Offense starts in a 4-out 1-in setup. • Two players in the slots at the top of the key (1 and 4). • Two players in the corners (2 and 3). • One post player in the weak-side short corner (5).

Where does the basketball go on a dribble drive?

If there are no opportunities to attack from the top of the key, the players in the corner cut to the wing to receive the basketball. The player in the ball-side slot passes the basketball to the wing and then cuts through to the strongside corner.

Why is spacing important in a dribble drive offense?

Tendency to ‘Ball-Watch’ – Most young players are used to standing and watching when a teammate attacks the rim. In this offense, they must learn to move to open space on dribble penetration. Spacing is Difficult – With all the dribble penetration, players can find it difficult to read their teammates and keep even spacing around the perimeter.

Why do some players dribble more than others?

Tendency to Over Dribble – Since the dribble drive motion offense relies on dribble penetration, it’s possible that some players will elect to dribble immediately when there are better options like passing to a teammate.