What is Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission?

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What is Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission?

Eaton’s Fuller Advantage series 10-speed transmission is the most efficient heavy-duty manual transmission available. Available in direct-drive and overdrive models, it’s lighter, more efficient and has better ratio coverage than FR Series manuals. That’s why you’ll find it as standard position at several truck OEMs.

What RPM should I shift 13 speed?

You can shift a 13 speed just like a straight 9 speed, 400 rpm split on the top side. The only differance is, if you use the splitter on the top gears, instead of having a 400 rpm split it will have 200. Once you have selected a split you have to let it shift.

Are Eaton Fuller transmissions good?

Fuller manual-shift transmissions are legendary in their solid dependability. They’re the foundation of the fuel-efficient UltraShift® automated transmissions. Using computer-controlled shifting, Eaton’s automated transmissions are loaded with benefits.

How heavy is a Eaton Fuller 10 speed transmission?

Eaton’s Fuller 10-speed manual transmissions are the standard in transmission performance, reliability and durability….FR Series.

Product Snapshot
Speeds: 10 forward, 2 reverse
Torque Capacity Lbs.Ft. (Nm): 1850 (2509)
Weight Lbs. (kg): 592 (269)
Length Inches (mm): 29.93 (760.2)

What are the problems with an Eaton Fuller transmission?

Oil level too low or too high, wrong type of oil, or an operating angle of more than 12 degrees. 2. Operating consistently under 20 MPH. 3. High engine RPM. 4. Restricted air flow around transmission, due to the transmission being “boxed in” by frame rails, deck lids, fuel tanks and mounting brackets, or by a large bumper assembly.

What causes hard shifting on an Eaton transmission?

Linkage problems stem from worn connections or bushings, binding, improper adjustment, lack of lubrication on the joints or an obstruction which restricts free movement. To determine if the transmission itself is the cause of hard shifting, remove the shift lever or linkage from the top of the transmission.

Why are the yoke bars on my Eaton Fuller not working?

Yoke bars binding in the bar housing as a result of cracked housing, over-torqued shift block lockscrew, sprung yoke bar, or swelled areas of the yoke bar. If hard shifting occurs only in first and reverse, the shift block detent plunger movement may be restricted.

What causes a howling sound in a Eaton transmission?

It is caused by bearings with damaged balls or rollers, or with pitted and spalled raceways. Cracked Gear – A gear cracked or broken by shock loading or by pressing on shaft during installation will produce this sound at low speeds. At high speeds a howl will be present.