What is Journee Franco Ontarien?

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What is Journee Franco Ontarien?

Franco-Ontarian Day is an opportunity to recognize the cultural, historical, social, economic and political contributions of francophones in the province.

What does the Franco-Ontarian flag represent?

Franco-Ontarian The green and white of the flag of the Ontario French-speaking community represent the diversity of Ontario’s climate (green for summer and white for winter). The fleur-de-lis evokes the French-speaking community worldwide, whereas the trillium is the official floral emblem of Ontario.

What are the two symbols on the Franco-Ontarian flag?

The Franco-Ontarian flag is a symbol used to represent Franco-Ontarians. The design consists of two bands of green and white. The left portion has a solid light green background with a white fleur-de-lys in the middle, while the right portion has a solid white background with a stylized green trillium in the middle.

Who invented the Franco-Ontarian flag?

professor Gaétan Gervais
It was created by history professor Gaétan Gervais and political science student Michel Dupuis. The flag became the symbol of the Franco-Ontarian community and was officially recognized in 2001.

Where do most francophones live?

The Francophone population of Eastern Ontario and Central Ontario has increased by more than 10,000 and 7,000 people respectively….The Francophone population has increased in Eastern and Central Ontario.

Region 2011 2016
Northwestern 7,610 7,055
Champlain 176,020 182,825
Toronto 59,140 63,055

Who was considered the first Franco-Ontarian?

The Province chose the celebration date to recognize the Franco-Ontarian flag. That green and white flag – created by history professor Gaétan Gervais and first-year political science student Michel Dupuis, both from Laurentian University – was first raised on September 25, 1975.

What is Ontario’s flower?

white trillium
The white trillium (Trillium grandiflorum), also known as the wake-robin and the white lily, was officially adopted as Ontario’s floral emblem in 1937.

Why is Canada French?

A look at the history of Canada will reveal the reason why Canada speaks French. It was the French that first colonized the land. It was in the city of Quebec that these French colonizers first settled and established large communities. Most of the population speaks French as their first language.

What food do Franco Ontarians eat?

Several food dishes that originate from the traditional French Canadian cooking are now mainstream cuisine items, including tourtière (meat pie), poutine (French fries with cheese curds and gravy).