What is Lestat dark gift?

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What is Lestat dark gift?

The Dark Gift is a term for the vampiric power. When a vampire maker bestows the power to become immortal that is transmitted through the Blood on a fledgling, that maker is offering the Dark Gift.

What is Louis relationship with Claudia?

Though Louis is at first horrified at the thought of a vampire child (and indeed he accuses Lestat of condemning Claudia to hell), he and Claudia become very attached and the three form a close relationship and live a “family” lifestyle for the next several decades.

Who is the vampire in interview with the Vampire?

Based on a short story Rice wrote around 1968, the novel centers on vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac, who tells the story of his life to a reporter. Rice composed the novel shortly after the death of her young daughter Michelle, who served as an inspiration for the child-vampire character Claudia.

What happens to Lestat in interview with the Vampire?

Claudia and Louis then dump his body into a nearby swamp. As Louis and Claudia prepare to flee to Europe, Lestat appears, having recovered from Claudia’s attack, and attacks them in turn. Louis sets fire to their home and barely escapes with Claudia, leaving a furious Lestat to be consumed by the flames.

Where did Louis and Claudia go in interview with the Vampire?

Armand invites Louis and Claudia to his coven, the Théâtre des Vampires, where the vampires stage theatrical horror shows for humans. On their way out of the theater, Santiago reads Louis’s mind and suspects that Louis and Claudia murdered Lestat.

What happens on the Golden Gate Bridge in interview with the Vampire?

On the Golden Gate Bridge, Lestat appears and attacks Molloy, taking control of the car. Revived by Molloy’s blood, Lestat offers Molloy the choice that he “never had” — whether or not to become a vampire — and, laughing, continues driving over the bridge.