What is NX sheet metal?

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What is NX sheet metal?

NX Sheet Metal provides a set of tools within the NX design environment that allows for simple and fast design of sheet metal parts, dependent on their material and manufacturing process, the most common of which is straight brake sheet metal forming.

How do you change the thickness of NX sheet metal?

Menu > Preferences > Sheet Metal. Part Properties tab, under Global Parameters group you can change the material thickness to the required value. If you do not want to change global value for material thickness then edit tab feature and use option ‘Use Local Value’ as shown.

What is neutral data file in NX?

About Neutral Data File: A Neutral file is a formatted text file containing information about parts and assemblies created in Siemens NX. The Siemens NX application formats part geometry data so that other software systems can easily read it and a wide variety of applications can use it.

Which command is used to convert part modules feature in sheet metal?

The Convert to Sheet Metal command lets you specify the thickness, bends, and rips necessary to convert a solid part to a sheet metal part. To convert a solid part to a sheet metal part: Create the solid part. Click Convert to Sheet Metal (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Convert To Sheet Metal .

What kind of files can NX Open?

NX file conversion tools support standard and neutral file exchange formats, including:

  • Display graphics images, such as BMP, CGM and JPEG.
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES)
  • ISO 10303 – STEP AP203/AP214.
  • Rapid prototyping STL.
  • JT lightweight exchange format.
  • Autocad, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks and CATIA files.

Can you open STEP files in NX?

Opening STEP Data Directly into NX 12 prt file is opened in NX. Note in the example below that the solid body, whether feature-based or not, is now a “Body” feature in NX, comprised of sewn surfaces.

Does SOLIDWORKS have sheet metal?

Within SOLIDWORKS there is a tool tab called ‘Sheet Metal’ that allows you to design from scratch or convert a 3D part to sheet metal and flatten your design for manufacturing. However this does not mean that you are limited to using this tool for metal.

Is SOLIDWORKS good for sheet metal?

SOLIDWORKS 3D Design gives you the flexibility to produce sheet metal part designs quickly and cost effectively, the sheet metal feature speeds up the design process whilst reducing time and development cost and increasing productivity.