What is special in Deolali?

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What is special in Deolali?

Places of interest The town is also famous for Buddhist caves, popularly known as Pandavleni Caves. The golf course, inside the Deolali Cantonment, was one of the largest in India at the time of its development by the British.

Why Deolali is famous?

Deolali is very popular as a Hill Station and is famous for Health Resort in Maharashtra. Deolali has numerous sanatoriums most of which was built by Gujarati and Parsee communities. Deolali camp was opened as a Main Depot for the arrival and departure of troops in 1870, i.e. one year after it was gazetted as a Cantt.

Is Nashik worth visiting?

A beautiful town situated on the banks of the river Godavari, Nashik is surrounded by nine hills; blessed with an enchanting panorama, and pleasant climate. Popularly known as the “wine and grape capital” of India, Nashik is blessed with natural beauty, cultural heritage, and rich history.

What is the Pincode of devlali camp?

Devlali pin code

Office Devlali
Pincode 422401
Taluk Nashik
Divison Nasik
District Nashik

What does Doolally mean?

out of one’s mind
/ (duːˈlælɪ) / adjective. slang out of one’s mind; crazyIn full: doolally tap.

Which state is deolali?

Deolali Pravara/State

What is Sinnar PIN code?

Sinnar/Zip codes

What is deola pincode?

Deola/Zip codes

Is Doolally a real word?

The word doolally is a shortening of the military slang expression doolally tap, which can be translated as camp fever.

Why do we say Doolally tap?

Doolally comes from British army slang, originating when Deolali was a British army transit camp in India. Doolally tap meant being mad, crazy or literally, suffering from camp fever. Tap in English is malarial fever, from the Hindi for fever.

Which is the best place to visit in Deolali?

The Gangapur Dam, in Deolali, is one spot that you just shouldn’t miss. Lush green gardens provide a backdrop to this massive dam, making it a popular picnic spot. Temples abound in Deolali, much like the rest of the country.

What is the history of Deolali hill station?

Set up by the British in 1861, Deolali houses several army establishments including the School of Artillery of Indian Army, the Air force station, the residential Barnes School and the Military psychiatric hospital. Situated in the picturesque Sahyadri ranges, Deolali is surrounded with gardens, playgrounds, banyan trees and wide roads.

Which is the best place to visit in Nashik?

Situated in the picturesque Sahyadri ranges, Deolali is surrounded with gardens, playgrounds, banyan trees and wide roads. This little excursion point is a perfect getaway for stressed professionals, harried homemakers and change seekers.