What is Tarion called now?

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What is Tarion called now?

Tarion is making a lot of changes to improve consumer protection and modernize our operations. As part of this transition, we’re going to be making a minor change to our name. Instead of ‘Tarion Warranty Corporation’, we will now just be ‘Tarion’.

What is covered by Tarion?

Coverage Limits The maximum combined coverage for a condominium project (units and common elements) is $50 million. There is a maximum of $50,000 for warranted damage caused by environmentally harmful substances or hazards, including mould, for freehold homes and condominium units.

What is Tarion in Ontario?

Tarion is a not-for-profit consumer protection organization established by the Ontario government to administer the province’s new home warranty program. For over 40 years, Tarion has served new home buyers and new home owners by ensuring that one of their life’s biggest investments is protected.

How do I check my Tarion warranty?

One way to obtain this information is to request a Seller Property Information Statement (SPIS). This form is filled out by the seller and contains information such as known defects and any pending claims under Tarion.

What voids Tarion warranty?

First things first — you can’t void the entire warranty on your new place unless you completely tear it down and build a new one. Basically, you will not have warranty coverage for the work and materials you supply or for alterations you make to the builder’s work and materials.

How does Tarion warranty work?

After the conciliation, Tarion will send a written report to you and your builder setting out Tarion’s assessment of the items. If Tarion assesses an item as warranted, your builder will have 30 days to repair or resolve the item. If your builder does not resolve it, Tarion will resolve it directly with you.

Does Tarion cover foundation cracks?

Generally foundation wall cracks are only covered by Tarion by up to the two years however, major defects are covered up to 7 years. Such defects include soil subsidence which adversely affect foundations.

What voids tarion warranty?

What is covered under Tarion 1 year warranty?

note: the one-year warranty regarding work and materials does not apply to pre-existing elements of the project. Code health and safety violations, water penetration, defects in the electrical, plumbing or heating systems, and defects in the exterior cladding. Seven-year warranty against major structural defects.

How long is a tarion warranty?

Seven-year warranty against major structural defects. In addition, builders of condominium conversion projects and vendors selling units in these projects must also be registered with tarion.

How does tarion warranty work?

The One Year Warranty addresses construction practices and defects, unauthorized substitutions and the fitness of a home for habitation, among other points. The Two Year Warranty addresses topics such as defects and violations of the Ontario Building Code to do with health and safety.

Who pays for the Tarion warranty?

The builder pays for the fee for Tarion warranty protection for a home—and may pass this along to the buyer. The fee amount, which ranges from $385 to $1500, reflects the price of the home. A buyer receives warranty information when taking possession of a new home.

What does a Tarion warranty guarantee?

All in all, the Tarion Warranty covers homeowners for seven years after their initial purchase, and that coverage is broken down accordingly: One year warranty- Protects against Ontario Building Code violations and unauthorized substitutions. Requires that every home (house or condo) is constructed properly without any defective materials.

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