What is Teetar called in English?

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What is Teetar called in English?

grouse countable noun. Grouse are small fat birds which are often shot for sport and can be eaten. pheasant countable noun. A pheasant is a bird with a long tail, sometimes shot for sport and then eaten. /titara, tItara, teetara, tītar, titra, tItra, teetra, tītr, titar, tItar, teetar, titr, tItr, teetr/

What is Batair?

The Urdu Word بٹیر Meaning in English is Quail. The other similar words are Batair, Salwa and Lawa. The synonyms of Quail include are Blanch, Blench, Cringe, Droop, Faint, Falter, Flinch, Quake, Recoil, Shake, Shudder, Start, Tremble, Wince and Have Cold Feet.

What does Teetar bird eat?

Omnivorous; feed on assortment of plants and animals, especially seeds and insects. Plant materials include grass and weed seeds, cultivated grains, buds, flowers, leaves, rhizomes, tubers, shoots, fruits, and berries.

Is Teetar illegal in India?

“The Grey Francolin or Teetar is the protected bird as per the Act and nobody should indulge in its killing or sale.

What do Francolins eat?

Francolin and spurfowl are fairly omnivorous in their habits and feed on bulbs, seeds, berries, shoots insects and molluscs. They typically use their bills and feet to scratch around in the leaf litter under vegetation to find food.

Which is the national bird of Pakistan?

Chukar, Alectoris chukar is the National bird of Pakistan.

What do black francolin eat?

DIET: The Black Francolin feeds on seeds of grasses, weed and cereal crops. It also takes shoots, leaves and tubers, berries and figs. Some insects and their larvae, and especially termites and ants, are also consumed.

Can you own a partridge?

No, Partridges do not make good house pets. They are wild birds, and are normally quite flighty and fearful of humans. As gamebirds, in most places it is illegal to own one as a pet.

What age is Louis partridge?

18 years (June 3, 2003)
Louis Partridge/Age

Can we eat GREY francolin?

Is eating pigeon illegal in India?

Countries around the world have made feeding of pigeons illegal. In fact it is illegal to kill pigeons In India but we Indians have our own methods of killing people — out of kindness!

Which is the correct meaning of Teetar in English?

The Correct Meaning of Teetar in English is Partridge. Other similar words for Teetar include Teetar and Duraj. Explore this page to Translate Teetar (Partridge) into English accurately. n. Any one of numerous species of small gallinaceous birds of the genus Perdix and several related genera of the family Perdicidu00e6, of the Old World.

How did the Teetar bird get its name?

The ‘teetar’ is a local name for a grey francolin, formerly the grey partridge, which is a francolin bird found in the plains of South Asia. The name ‘teetar’ is rooted in the call of the bird which goes ‘Ka-tee-tar…tee-tar.”

Which is the correct spelling Teetar or partridge?

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Teetar in English is Partridge, and in Urdu we write it تیتر The word Partridge is an noun, plural partridges (especially collectively) partridge. It is spelled as [pahr-trij].

What kind of Birds do you eat in Teetar?

Me too…I generally eat birds, mostly chicken because they are the only ones available. I have eaten, teetar, bater, duck.. In teetar also there are two varities, one which is home bred, the other jungli. The jungli ones are really tasty, but each of them weigh only about 150 gms, while the home bred ones are like 300-400 gms.