What is the best area in Fiji to stay?

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What is the best area in Fiji to stay?

  • Fiji Neighbourhood Guide.
  • Fiji’s 5 Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in.
  • #1 The Yasawa Islands – Where to Stay in Fiji for Your First Time.
  • #2 Nadi – Where to Stay in Fiji on a Budget.
  • #3 Suva – Where to Stay in Fiji for Nightlife.
  • #4 Kadavu – Coolest Place to Stay in Fiji.
  • #5 Denarau – Where to Stay in Fiji for Families.

Is Suva or Nadi better?

Re: Suva or Nadi? There is far more to see and do around Nadi than Suva. If you want beaches forget Suva. The islands are the place to go for the white sand beaches and swaying palms and crystal clear lagoons.

Is Fiji safe for solo female Travellers?

Fiji is relatively safe for women traveling alone, but don’t let the charm of warm nights and smiling faces lull you into any less caution than you would exercise at home. Do not wander alone on deserted beaches.

Where is the clearest water in Fiji?

To the south of Yasawa Islands, west of Fiji’s capital, are the crystal clear waters, palm-fringed sandy beaches, and live coral reefs of Castaway Island.

Is Nadi Fiji safe?

These people aren’t threatening, Nadi is the safest town of Fiji, there is no risk of pick pockets unless there is a festival in town when people from other towns and cities come to Nadi. The upscale Denarau Island is just 5 km north west of Nadi, and is where you will find the region’s luxury hotels and resorts.

Is Fiji good for singles?

With its island getaways and luxury resorts, it would be easy to mistake Fiji for a couple’s destination. Sure, it’s great for honeymooners and family vacations but the Fiji Islands also offer plenty of options for solo travellers to stay, relax, party with friends or meet others.

Is it safe to go to Fiji alone?

Fiji is considered as a safe destination for solo travelers. Basically, the local Fijians have a welcoming approach for the visitors. This genuine and warmth of the local Fijian translated to excellent hospitality and wish to invite travelers to experience the major local aspects of Fiji.

Are there white sand beaches in Fiji?

Fiji’s beaches are known to be some of the most pristine and idyllic in the world. These stretches of white sand and gorgeous ocean leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of guests from all around the world.

Can you swim in Fiji beaches?

Natadola Beach It’s just a 30-minute ride from Nadi to this little slice of heaven along Fiji’s reef-rich Coral Coast on the main island of Viti Levu. And Natadola Beach is known for being perfectly swimmable no matter what the tide happens to be doing.

Where to stay in Fiji with overwater bungalows?

Spend an exceptional holiday in paradise when you stay at Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay. Our island resort offers both land accommodation and overwater bungalows, all designed to bring new excitement to a magical Fiji escape.

How many rooms are over the water in Fiji?

You’ll also find that you have jetty access and a 2 person kayak for use during your entire stay. A rather large resort, the Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay offers over 200 rooms, 22 of which reside over the water.

What is the name of the resort in Fiji?

Your Fiji beachfront luxury resort villas have been superbly appointed with stylish modern features while maintaining the Fijian tradition of thatched roofs and wooden construction. Vale (vah-le) is the Fijian Word for home.

Are there any over water huts in Fiji?

Likuliku is a haven of subtle luxury and the first and only resort in Fiji with over water huts (traditionally called bures in Fiji).