What is the best way to learn Levantine Arabic?

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What is the best way to learn Levantine Arabic?

The Best Resources to Learn Levantine Arabic

  1. Colloquial Levantine Arabic.
  2. Pimsleur’s Eastern Arabic (Phase 1)
  3. Memrise Eastern Arabic.
  4. Listening to Eastern Arabic.
  5. Learn Levantine Arabic YouTube Channel.

How easy is Levantine Arabic?

The good news is that Levantine Arabic is one of the easiest Arabic dialects to pronounce. This is because in some cases, Levantine Arabic speakers omit some of the harsher sounding letters in their everyday language. A few examples would be the uvular q sound.

How long does it take to learn Levantine Arabic?

Levantine and Egyptian can be learned in a couple years I believe. At least to an intermediate level which is like a B2 in CEFR. The vocabulary and grammar are much easier than MSA. Language study can’t be judged by lenght of time in days.

Should I learn Levantine Arabic?

If you’ve been learning Arabic for a while and banging your head against the wall trying to understand spoken Arabic, then you should definitely consider learning the Levantine Dialects. With more than 30 million speakers worldwide, it’s the best dialect to learn if you’re interested in the Arabic language.

Is Eastern Arabic the same as Levantine?

Levantine Arabic generally refers to the Arabic dialect (Amiyya) spoken in Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. It is also sometimes referred to as Shami or Eastern Arabic.

Is Lebanese Arabic hard to learn?

arabic is a very beautiful language yet slightly hard to learn. the lebanese accent/dialect is not so common, so finding studying sources (apps, books, etc.) is hard, therefore learning lebanese is hard.

What is the best Arabic to learn?

Modern Standard Arabic
Modern Standard Arabic is the best form of Arabic for Arabic language learners to start with. It is the most widely spoken form of Arabic and will likely be the form of Arabic that will be heard abroad. At Arab Academy, students are offered quality online Arabic courses taught by native Arabic speakers.