What is the biggest copper mine in Utah?

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What is the biggest copper mine in Utah?

Kennecott Utah Copper Mine
The Kennecott Utah Copper Mine, also known as the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, is the largest and richest copper mine in history with over 110 years of open pit mining; it has produced more copper than any other mine in history!

Is Kennecott copper mine closed?

Completing a shift to renewable energy, Kennecott Utah Copper will shut down its last coal-fired power plant in Magna, shrinking its carbon footprint by as much as 65% — a total of more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, according to its owners.

Is Bingham Copper Mine open for tours?

Founded in 1903, Kennecott’s Bingham Canyon Mine is one of the largest man-made open-pit excavations in the world. The operation is so immense, it can be seen from space. The mine operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Is the Kennecott Copper Mine Visitor Center open?

The mine operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With over 20 million tons of refined copper ore produced in the past 116 years, it’s one of the top performing mines in the world and has provided more wealth for the state of Utah than any other company.

Who owns the Kennecott Copper Mine?

Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto Western Holdings Limited
Kennecott Utah Copper/Parent organizations

Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) Corporation purchased Kennecott in 1989 and continued the company’s expansion. In 1990 a fourth grinding line at a cost of $220,000,000 was begun at the Copperton Concentrator, and it was completed in 1992. This increased the concentrator’s production to 125,000 tpd.

How to get to Bingham Canyon copper mine?

After check-in visitors are shuttled up to the Bingham Canyon Mine overlook to see the spectacular mine and exhibits. Reservations: Reservations are available for every hour starting at 8:30 am. Shuttles to the mine overlook depart from and return to the Lark parking area every 30 minutes.

When to book Bingham Canyon open pit tour?

We recommend booking Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine tours ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. See all 1 Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine tours on Tripadvisor

Where to get shuttle to Kennecott Copper Mine?

Due to safety regulations, tour groups will need to use Kennecott provided shuttles. Gift Shop: Bingham Canyon Lions Gift Shop, located in the Lark visitor parking area, sells an assortment of items.

What to do in Bingham Canyon with Rio Tinto?

Join Rio Tinto Kennecott for the inaugural season of the new Visitor Experience at Bingham Canyon Mine. Learn about the history of this amazing mine and see first-hand the gigantic scale of its operation, vehicles and artifacts.