What is the difference between a curtain wall and window wall?

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What is the difference between a curtain wall and window wall?

Simply put, the main difference between the systems is that the window wall structurally sits between the suspended reinforced concrete slabs while the curtain wall is hung off the slab edges by anchors.

What type of wall is a curtain wall?

A curtain wall is a thin, aluminum-framed wall. It can come with different fillings which include glass, metal panels, or thin stones. The framing is joined to the building structure. It doesn’t bear the load of the roof or the floor; instead, it relies on the building structure, specifically at the floor line.

How many types of curtain walls are there?

Curtain wall systems are factory pre casted systems. They are bought to the site and assembled. These are of two types based on the way each component is assembled.

Are curtain walls expensive?

Compared to window walls, curtain walls are typically more labor- and cost-intensive. That’s why they’re more commonly found in luxury commercial real estate. Yet, the higher costs do include benefits like improved structural integrity. Curtain walls offer improved resistance to moisture, wind, earthquakes, and heat.

What is the purpose of a curtain wall?

The primary purpose of a curtain wall system is to protect the building interior against the exterior natural phenomena such as sun exposure, temperature changes, earthquake, rain, and wind. This protection can be separated into two major categories, namely structural safety and interior environmental control.

What is the disadvantages of a curtain wall?

The main disadvantage of curtain walls is that their construction and maintenance costs more than another wall system. During the construction phase, they require more glass and aluminum to construct than a window-wall system, which is achieved by simply placing glazing between each floor slab in a building.

Where is curtain wall used?

A curtain wall is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are nonstructural but are attached to the building structure and used to keep out the weather.

What are the elements of a curtain wall?

Glass curtain walls consist of two basic components: the glass and the frame. How these two elements are manipulated, including the proportion, properties, and anchorage of each, constitutes the essential distinction among individual curtain wall systems.