What is the difference between CUCM publisher and subscriber?

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What is the difference between CUCM publisher and subscriber?

The publisher verifies the subscriber’s authenticity and adds the subscriber’s IP address to its dynamic firewall (iptables). The subscriber is allowed to access the publisher database. The database content is replicated from the publisher to the subscriber.

Can we make subscriber as publisher?

Current publisher will be subscriber. We have a transactional replication setup. The publisher is on a separate SQL Server and the distributor and the subscriber together on the other server.

How do I restore Cucm publisher?

Steps for CUC Publisher Rebuilt are similar.

  1. Gather Cluster Data.
  2. Stop Replication on All Subscribers.
  3. Install the CUC Publisher.
  4. Update Processnode Values on the Publisher.
  5. Reboot the Publisher Node.
  6. Verify Cluster Authentication.

What is Cisco CallManager publisher and subscriber?

Publisher server is the read/write version of the database, where you do all your configurations and make changes. Changes are replicated to other servers in the cluster. Subscriber server is the READ only version of database, you can not do configurations here (other than some user facing configs).

What is the maximum number of phones per CUCM cluster?

–> Supports up to 30000 IP phones. –> Can be scaled to a maximum of 20 Servers in which there can be a maximum of 1 Publisher, 8 Call Processing Subscribers, 2 TFTP servers, 9 Other Servers.

What is peer to peer replication?

Peer-to-peer replication provides a scale-out and high-availability solution by maintaining copies of data across multiple server instances, also referred to as nodes. Built on the foundation of transactional replication, peer-to-peer replication propagates transactionally consistent changes in near real-time.

How do I enable publisher in SQL Server?

To enable a Publisher in the Configure Distribution Wizard

  1. On the Publishers page of the Configure Distribution Wizard, click Add.
  2. Click Add SQL Server Publisher.
  3. In the Connect to Server dialog box, specify connection information for the Publisher that will use the remote Distributor, and then click Connect.

How do I install Cucm subscriber?

Installation Overview

  1. Install the Cisco Unified Communications Manager software on the first node and configure it as the publisher node for the cluster.
  2. Install the Cisco Unified Communications Manager software on the subscriber nodes and configure them.

How do I restore Cucm?

Task 1: Back up Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  1. Login to the CUCM with your credentials.
  2. Start your Linux box.
  3. From Communications Manager Administration page, go to Navigation> Disaster Recovery System page and click the Go button.
  4. From the menu, select Backup > Backup Device.
  5. Click Add New.

Which component of the dial plan ensures that calls are not dropped without being answered?

Call coverage: You can create special groups of devices to manage incoming calls for a certain service according to different rules (top-down, circular hunt, longest idle, or broadcast). This also ensures that calls are not dropped without being answered.

What is Cisco CUCM publisher?

A CUCM cluster can have up to 20 servers in it. Only one publisher server is allowed in the cluster. The publisher houses the read/write copy of the database. Up to eight subscriber servers can be in the cluster, with the restriction that only four of the subscriber servers can perform active call processing.