What is the difference between IMDb and TMDB?

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What is the difference between IMDb and TMDB?

Both are massive indexes for movie and television information, but The Movie Database differs from the Internet Movie Database in one key aspect: TMDb is completely powered by its community. IMDb is owned and operated by the behemoth called Amazon, which isn’t a massive point against the site.

Is TMDB free?

TMDb is committed to free and open access to our APIs for commercial and non-commercial purposes. For uses of TMDB APIs over a certain rate or for certain types of commercial applications, TMDB reserves the right to charge fees for future use of or access to the TMDB APIs.

Is the TMDB API free?

Our API is free to use as long as you attribute TMDB as the source of the data and/or images. However, we reserve the right to charge for the commercial API key in the future.

Does Rotten Tomatoes have an API?

The Rotten Tomatoes API is RESTful web service that was designed to be easy to explore and use. Developers can use the API to access the Rotten Tomatoes’ database of movie data by using the Lists, Movies, or DVDs sections of the API.

How many movies are on TMDB?

How many movies are on TMDB? As of this writing, we currently have 695,699 movies.

Is the movie DB down?

Themoviedb.org is UP and reachable by us.

Can you watch movies on TMDB?

Can I watch videos on TMDB? Most of our movies and TV shows have trailers, clips and featurettes which can be viewed on TMDB. However, we do not stream or play any of the actual movies or TV shows.

How do I find my TMDB API key?

You can request an API key by logging in to your account on TMDB and clicking the “API” link in the left hand side bar of your account page.

How does Rotten Tomatoes get their ratings?

Curation. Rotten Tomatoes has assembled a team of curators whose job it is to read thousands of movie and TV reviews weekly. The team collects movie and TV reviews from Tomatometer-approved critics and publications every day, generating Tomatometer scores. Tomatometer-approved critics can also self-submit their reviews …

What is the best movie database?

Top 10 Online Movie Databases

  • IMDB.
  • OMDB.
  • TVDB.
  • Rotten Tomatoes.
  • CITWF.
  • IMFDB.
  • IMCDB.
  • BCDB.