What is the Easter egg song on call of the dead?

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What is the Easter egg song on call of the dead?

Not Ready to Die
“Not Ready to Die” is the musical Easter Egg of the zombie map Call of the Dead. It was written and performed by rock band Avenged Sevenfold. For the song to play, the player must activate (by pressing the ‘use’ button) three Element 115 meteorites, like in Kino der Toten, Shangri-La and Origins.

How do you get the Easter egg song in blood of the dead?

The Blood of the Dead musical Easter egg is pretty easy to unlock. First, all you need to do is build the Spectral Shield. Once you’ve created this shield, you’ll need to charge up a Spirit Blast. Equip your shield by pressing L1 (on PlayStation 4).

What is the code for blood of the dead?

Input the code ‘8-7-2’, and you’ll enter the Zombie Blood Mode.

Where is the statue head in RA Tower?

From there, head to the Stone Bridge linking the Danu and Ra towers. Look off the bridge toward the arena and it should’ve created a flaming arrow on the ground, pointing to one of the four towers. That tower is where you will find the Statue Head.

Who are the characters in Call of the Dead?

Call of the Dead

  • Dave Anthony(story) Craig Houston.
  • Danny Trejo(voice) Sarah Michelle Gellar(voice) Robert Englund(voice)

What is the secret song in Call of Duty Zombies?

The song is “Alone” by Clark S. Nova and Kevin Sherwood. You can listen to the full song below.

How many players do you need for Zombies Easter eggs?

In order to complete this Easter egg, the difficulty must be set to original. If not, all Easter egg related items will not spawn. Four players are also required for each side’s full completion, although steps 1-5 (Richtofen) and steps 1-6 (Maxis) can be done solo.

When does the Easter egg end in Call of the dead?

There is no time limit for it, but it ends when you run out of ammo. You should now have your Achievements and Gamer Pictures. Co-Op nets you the ones for Solo as well. The Gamer Pictures are Takeo (Solo) and Nickolai (Co-Op). The Achievements are Stand-In (Solo) and Ensemble Cast (Co-Op).

Where are the radios in the call of the dead?

In a corner of the Stamin-Up room, on top of some barrels is the second radio. The third radio is inside of some shipping containers on the right half of the back end of the ship, near where the zip line from the Lighthouse ends. The fourth radio is next to the door, look on top the cabinet under the staircase.

Where are the Claymores in Call of the dead?

The third mechanism is along the bridge extending from the base of the Lighthouse, where the AK-74u is, towards the broken ship. The fourth mechanism is off the left of the ship, where Claymores and Double Tap are located (it’s to the right when you first go onto the ship). You do not need to do these in order. Return to the door when done.

What are the achievements in Call of the dead?

The Gamer Pictures are Takeo (Solo) and Nickolai (Co-Op). The Achievements are Stand-In (Solo) and Ensemble Cast (Co-Op). -Taking out George’s weapon gives you a perk and a Death Machine, and the person who took it out gets the achievement Quiet on the Set. -Shooting a zombie twice with the VR-11 will explode it.