What is the formula for material index?

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What is the formula for material index?

ρ = AL m , where ρ is the material density. value of M1 is expected to perform better in comparison to a material with lower value of M1. It should be noted that the Material Index in this case provides a ratio between the ultimate tensile strength and the density of the material.

Who gave the formula of material index?

To the best of the authors’ knowledge, the material indices method has been created by professor Gustav Niemann in 1960 [11], who proposed that the selection of materials should be based on the comparison of volume, mass, and material cost of a given structural member.

What is the index of a material?

The property or property group that maximizes performance for a given design is called its material index.

What is raw material index?

This index represents the ratio of the weight of local materials used in the manufacture of a product to the weight of the manufactured product in its final form. When the material index is greater than 1, it indicates that the raw materials lose a part of their weight during the manufacturing process.

What is the formula for stiffness?

Its stiffness is S = F/δ where F is the load and δ is the extension.

How is the performance index of a material calculated?

Lastly, the performance index is plotted on the Ashby chart. Visual inspection reveals the most desirable material. In this example, the material will be subject to both tension and bending. Therefore, the optimal material will perform well under both circumstances. . The material variables are density

How are Material indices used in mechanical design?

Ashby, in the 1980s, developed the selection of materials for mechanical design by deriving materials indices. These material indices are derived based on the performance criteria of a material for a given mechanical design. In this method, a pair of material properties is plotted against each other.

What makes up the index of a material?

Material indexis a combination of materials properties that characterizes thePerformance of a material in a given application. Performance of astructural element may be specified by the functional requirements, the geometry, and the material’s properties.

How is the performance of a component measured?

Material indices. Introduction. The performance, p, of a component is measured by a performance equation. The performance equation contains groups of material properties. These groups are the material indices.