What is the heat of vaporization of br2?

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What is the heat of vaporization of br2?

187.5 J/g

Physical Properties Metric English
Heat of Vaporization 187.5 J/g 80.65 BTU/lb
193.4 J/g @Temperature 25.0 °C 83.20 BTU/lb @Temperature 77.0 °F
Specific Heat Capacity 0.226 J/g-°C 0.0540 BTU/lb-°F
0.4737 J/g-°C 0.1132 BTU/lb-°F

What is the heat of vaporisation of water?

around 540 cal/g
Heat of vaporization of water Water’s heat of vaporization is around 540 cal/g at 100 °C, water’s boiling point. Note that some molecules of water – ones that happen to have high kinetic energy – will escape from the surface of the water even at lower temperatures.

How do you calculate the heat of vaporization of water?

The molar heat of vaporization for water is 40.7 kJ/mol. To get the heat of vaporization, you simply divide the molar heat by 18.015 g/mol.

Which noble gas has largest heat of vaporization?

He < Ne < Ar < Kr < Xe As a result, the boiling point of xenon will be highest. Since, its boiling point is highest it will require more heat to undergo vaporization. Therefore, heat of vaporization is high for Xenon (Xe).

What is the molar heat of vaporization?

The molar heat of vaporization (ΔHvap) of a substance is the heat absorbed by one mole of that substance as it is converted from a liquid to a gas.

How does high heat of vaporization support life?

We use high heat of vaporization to cool off on a hot day. When we sweat, the evaporating water absorbs about 540 calories of heat from the body for each gram of water that evaporates. If this water property didn’t exist your body would over heat and cause you to die and the earth would overheat .

What causes water to have a high heat of vaporization?

Water has a high heat of vaporization because hydrogen bonds form readily between the oxygen of one molecule and the hydrogens of other molecules. These bonds hold the molecules together. At a certain point, the molecules will begin to break away from the liquid and vaporize.

What is the heat of vaporization of helium?

Helium – Properties

Element Helium
Thermal Conductivity [W/m K] 0.1513
Specific Heat [J/g K] 5.193
Heat of Fusion [kJ/mol]
Heat of Vaporization [kJ/mol] 0.0845

Which noble gas is most soluble in water?

With the increase in size, the dipole-dipole interaction decreases hence becoming more soluble in water. Keeping the above criteria in mind, we can conclude that He is the least soluble in water due to a small atomic size and hence stronger dipole-dipole interactions and Radon is the most soluble noble gas.

Is heat of vaporization heat of condensation?

When a material in liquid state is given energy, it changes its phase from liquid to vapor; the energy absorbed in this process is called heat of vaporization. The heat of condensation is defined as the heat released when one mole of the substance condenses at its boiling point under standard pressure.

What is the benefit of water high heat of vaporization?

This is a very high heat of vaporization for a little molecule. Because of the need for so much energy to evaporate, as water leaves the surface from which it is evaporating and removes a lot of heat with it. You feel this as a cooling effect on your skin. The earth benefits from this high heat of vaporization as well.