What is the highest score ever in Fruit Ninja?

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What is the highest score ever in Fruit Ninja?

The highest matching score on Fruit Ninja in one minute (team of two) is 131 and was achieved by Suhana Naushad (India) and Omar Mohamed (Egypt) at WAFI, Dubai, UAE, on 19 October 2019. This Official Attempt was part of a series of 11 GWR Live!

How do you get a high score on Fruit Ninja?

Six Tips for Scoring Higher in Fruit Ninja

  1. Slice Fruits at the top of the Dojo.
  2. Slice With the Autumn Gust Blade.
  3. Select the Great Wave Dojo For Arcade Mode.
  4. Always go for the Bananas in Arcade Mode.
  5. Drop Fruit to Miss Bombs in Classic Mode.
  6. Short Swipe Pomegranates.

How do you become a pro in Fruit Ninja?

These are the top Fruit Ninja tips, hints, and cheats you must know!

  1. You don’t need to buy starfruit with real money.
  2. Don’t use long swipes when bombs are around.
  3. Use Peachy Times to boost your score in arcade and zen mode.
  4. Don’t use more than one finger.
  5. Try playing upside down.
  6. Multiple special bananas = huge high score.

What is the king Dragon Dojo in Fruit Ninja?

The King Dragon is an unlockable dojo in Fruit Ninja. It consists of a ring with a dragon in its center and the words “King Dragon” surrounding it. Its rarity is Legendary. In Classic, it is an Elite dojo.

How do you get a critical in Fruit Ninja 2?

There is no special swiping motion or timing that will get you a critical hit. The game is known to give completely random points as seen in the Arcade mode with the random assortment of power-up bananas.

Is Fruit Ninja offline?

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular and best offline Android games, that was released in September 2010. In it, you have to slice the fruits that are thrown up and make sure that you don’t miss one because if you miss up to three, your game will be over.

What is the Benjamin blade in Fruit Ninja?

The Benjamin Blade is an unlockable blade in Fruit Ninja. This blade consists of a trail of money that leaves dollar bills behind. Its rarity level in Fruit Ninja is Mythic. In Classic, it is an Initiate blade.