What is the maximum VARCHAR length in Oracle?

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What is the maximum VARCHAR length in Oracle?

4000 bytes
A.1 Datatype Limits

Datatypes Limit Comments
VARCHAR Maximum size: 4000 bytes None
VARCHAR2 Maximum size: 4000 bytes, or 32767 bytes if the MAX_STRING_SIZE initialization parameter is set to EXTENDED See Also: “MAX_STRING_SIZE” initialization parameter for additional details None

What is the max length of VARCHAR?

The ANSI standard data type for varying-length character strings is CHARACTER VARYING. The size of the maximum size (m) parameter of a VARCHAR column can range from 1 to 255 bytes. If you are placing an index on a VARCHAR column, the maximum size is 254 bytes.

What is the long data type in Oracle?

The LONG datatype stores variable-length character strings containing up to two gigabytes, but with many restrictions. This datatype is provided for backward compatibility with existing applications; in general, new applications should use CLOB and NCLOB datatypes to store large amounts of character data.

What is the maximum length of column name in Oracle?

As of Oracle Database 12.2, the maximum length of names increased to 128 bytes (provided compatible is set to 12.2 or higher). Database names are still limited to 8 bytes.

Is VARCHAR a string?

VARCHAR is a variable length string data type, so it holds only the characters you assign to it. VARCHAR takes up 1 byte per character, + 2 bytes to hold length information.

Does VARCHAR need length?

The answer is you don’t need to, it’s optional. It’s there if you want to ensure that strings do not exceed a certain length. From Wikipedia: Varchar fields can be of any size up to the limit.

What is the types of Oracle?

Oracle Built-in Data Types

Types Description
CLOB A character large object containing single-byte or multibyte characters.
NCLOB A character large object containing Unicode characters.
BLOB A binary large object.
BFILE Contains a locator to a large binary file stored outside the database.

What is short data type?

short: The short data type is a 16-bit signed two’s complement integer. It has a minimum value of -32,768 and a maximum value of 32,767 (inclusive). As with byte , the same guidelines apply: you can use a short to save memory in large arrays, in situations where the memory savings actually matters.