What is the meaning of the term portrayal?

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What is the meaning of the term portrayal?

: the act of showing or describing someone or something especially in a painting, book, etc. : the way in which an actor plays a character. See the full definition for portrayal in the English Language Learners Dictionary. portrayal. noun.

What is a Thesaurus Webster?

a reference book that groups words with the same or similar meanings together.

What is an antonym for portrayal?

portray. Antonyms: misrepresent, caricature, misportray. Synonyms: draw, delineate, represent, depict, describe, sketch, paint.

What does moving portrayal mean?

a vivid representation in words of someone or something. his novel presents a moving portrayal of a woman searching for personal fulfillment and happiness.

What is someone who is portrayed by an actor called?

character, part, persona, role, theatrical role. an actor’s portrayal of someone in a play. bit part, minor role.

What is the adjective of portrayal?

portrayable. Capable of being portrayed.

What are some synonyms for portray?

synonyms for portray

  • characterize.
  • depict.
  • describe.
  • illustrate.
  • interpret.
  • paint.
  • render.
  • delineate.

How do you portray someone?

Whether you’re talking about acting or another art form, the idea is the same: representing a person and bringing to light their most important qualities. To portray a person is to show who that person is, giving a sense of their personality or character. Often, famous people don’t like how they’re portrayed.

Which is the closest synonym for the word portrayal?

Synonyms for portrayal. definition, delineation, depiction, description, picture, portrait, portraiture, rendering,

Which is an example of a portrayal of a woman?

Recent Examples on the Web Midthunder’s portrayal of a tough young woman is notable. — Michael Ordoña, Los Angeles Times, 25 June 2021 The statue’s portrayal of Roosevelt on horseback, flanked by a Native American man and an African man, is seen by many as an overt symbol of racial subjugation.

What makes you want to look up portrayal?

: the act or result of showing in a portrait or describing in words or images The movie is an accurate portrayal of her life. What made you want to look up portrayal?

When was the first use of the word portray?

Time Traveler for portray. The first known use of portray was in the 14th century. See more words from the same century