What is the meaning of zebah?

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What is the meaning of zebah?

Zebah (Hebrew: זֶ֫בַח‎ Zeḇaḥ, “sacrifice”, Zebee in the Brenton Septuagint Translation and the Douai-Rheims Bible) and Zalmunna (צַלְמֻנָּע Ṣalmunnā’, “shade denied”, Salmana in the Brenton Septuagint Translation and the Douai-Rheims Bible) were the two kings who led the vast host of the Midianites who invaded the land …

Who killed Zebah and Zalmunna?

This was a personal quest by Gideon, however, in order to exact revenge for the murder of his brothers, and he did not have the support of the tribes in this expedition. With his 300 men, he managed to rout the surviving Midianite forces and capture Zebah and Zalmunna.

What does the name zalmunna?

Biblical Names Meaning: In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Zalmunna is: Shadow, image, idol forbidden.

What does Gideon mean in Hebrew?

one who cuts down
Jewish: from the Biblical name meaning ‘one who cuts down’ in Hebrew. It was borne by an Israelite leader appointed to deliver his people from the Midianites (Judges 6:14).

Who are the Midianites descended from?

According to the Book of Genesis, the Midianites were descended from Midian, who was the son of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham by the latter’s second wife, Keturah.

Who was Sisera in the Book of Judges?

Sisera was commander of the Canaanite army of King Jabin of Hazor, who is mentioned in Judges 4–5 of the Hebrew Bible. After being defeated by the forces of the Israelite tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali under the command of Barak and Deborah, Sisera was killed by Jael, who hammered a tent peg into his temple.

What is the full meaning of Gideon?

Gideon (Hebrew: גדעון) is a masculine given name and surname of Hebrew origin which translates to “feller” or “hewer” (i.e. ‘great warrior’) in Hebrew. It can also be interpreted as “One who has a stump in place of a hand” or “One who cuts down”. They then adopted it as a Christian name.

Who did the Midianites worship?

According to Karel van der Toorn, “By the 14th century BC, before the cult of Yahweh had reached Israel, groups of Edomites and Midianites worshipped Yahweh as their god;” this conclusion is based on identification between Midianites and the Shasu.

Who are Zebah and Zalmunna in the Bible?

ZEBAH AND ZALMUNNA Ze’ bə, Zăl’ mun ə ( זֶ֣בַח, sacrifice, צַלְמֻנָּ֑ע, protection withheld; LXX Ζέβεε, Σαλμανά ). Two Midianite kings whom Gideon pursued, conquered, and killed.

What is the meaning of Zebah in the Bible?

Dictionaries – Easton’s Bible Dictionary – Zebah. Zebah [N] [H] [S] man-killer, or sacrifice, one of the two kings who led the vast host of the Midianites who invaded the land of Israel, and over whom Gideon gained a great and decisive victory (Judg. 8).

Where did Zebah and Zalmunna try to escape?

Zebah and Zalmunna had succeeded in escaping across the Jordan with a remnant of the Midianite host, but were overtaken at Karkor, probably in the Hauran, and routed by Gideon.