What is the media logic theory?

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What is the media logic theory?

From a very general point of view, media logic is a concept that indicates the influence of the media (considered as both a cultural technology and an organization) on the representation of the events that we consider “reality.” This representation follows the logics and the formats that are typical of media language …

What is media logic in mass communication?

Media logic is defined as a form of communication, and the process through which media transmit and communicate information. The logic and guidelines become taken for granted, often institutionalized, and inform social interaction.

What is Mediatization theory?

The materialist school of mediatization theory is studying how society to an increasing degree becomes dependent on the media and their logic. The studies are combining results from different areas of science to describe how changes in the media and changes in society are interrelated.

Who created media logic theory?

Altheide and Snow
Chapter 1. Media Logic or Media Logics? An Introduction to the Field. Caja Thimm, Mario Anastasiadis and Jessica Einspänner-Pflock give an introduction to the media logic concept developed by Altheide and Snow in 1979.

What is media logic theory examples?

Altheide (2013) defines media logic as “a form of communication, and the process. through which media transmit and communicate information” (p. 225). This can include, for example, the way journalists jam content into prescribed structures, such as a television reporter package.

What are the four elements of Social Media Logic?

The four elements of social media logic—program- mability, popularity, connectivity and datafication—are pivotal in understanding how in a networked society social interaction is mediated by an intricate dynamic of mass media, social media platforms, and offline in- stitutional processes.

Why is Mediatization useful?

The mediatisation approach may also serve to order and integrate research into different aspects of the media changes that are occurring today, and to understand their consequences. Thus, it may achieve synergies of learning and understanding for many disciplines.

What is the meaning of Mediatized?

transitive verb. 1 : to bring (a prince or state) down to the rank of mediate vassal from that of immediate vassal of the Holy Roman Empire : annex (a state) to another a mediatized prince— Cyril Connolly. 2 : to put into a middle or intermediate position : make instrumental or subordinate.

What is the important value of media?

The media greatly influences society. They inform people about what is happening. It permeates people’s lives by creating their own criteria and opinions. In this way the media moves the masses, creating different social movements.

What is social media programmability?

Programmability can hence be defined as the ability of a social media platform to trigger and steer users’ creative or communicative contributions, while users, through their interaction with these coded environments, may in turn influence the flow of communication and information activated by such a platform.

What is the difference between mediation and Mediatization?

Mediatization: How media spreads to, becomes intertwined with and influences other fields or social institutions, such as politics, war, and religion. Mediation: The use of media for the communication of meaning.

What is a Mediatized Prince?

Mediatised sovereign houses rank higher than other houses of nominally equal (or higher) rank, but who never ruled a state. This division had great social significance, as mediatised princes were considered equal to royals for marriage purposes; in essence they were regarded as royalty.