What is the most popular musical for kids?

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What is the most popular musical for kids?

Top 10 Musicals to Watch with Younger Kids

  • Meet Me In St. Louis.
  • Singin’ in the Rain.
  • Top Hat.
  • The Wizard of Oz.
  • Annie.
  • The Lion King.
  • Matilda.
  • Peter Pan.

What age is good for Broadway?

There Is Such a Thing as Too Young for Broadway Before you get all excited and buy tickets for the latest and greatest Broadway hit, be aware that many theaters have a minimum age of 4 for entry (even Disney shows recommend no kids under 4), with several shows recommending 6 or 8 years of age as a minimum.

Can kids watch Broadway shows?

Generally, children under the age of 4 are not permitted at Broadway shows. – All audience members require a ticket to see a Broadway show, regardless of age. Even if you intend to seat your child on your lap during the show, both you and your child will need tickets to get into the building.

Is Dear Evan Hansen kid friendly?

A musical film with a runtime of 2 hours and 17 minutes will have younger kids running for the hills alone. I would not recommend Dear Evan Hansen for kids younger than 12-years old. Though I would honestly recommend at least high school age for my more sensitive kids.

Is Wicked appropriate for 11 year old?

WICKED the musical is suitable for a general audience, but recommended for children aged 7 years and up. Those below 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Is six musical OK for kids?

What are the age restrictions for the show? The show is recommended for ages 10 & up. Children under 4 are not permitted in the theatre but Don’t Lose Ur Head, we love our Queens of all ages!

Is Dear Evan Hansen a true story?

The answer yes. At an event at New York Comic Con in 2019, Stacey Mindich, who produced the Dear Evan Hansen musical, revealed that the story is based on the experience of the show’s lyricist Benj Pasek and his high school’s reaction to a classmate who died of a drug overdose.

What are the best plays on Broadway?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the best play on Broadway, making it also one of the best Broadway shows. The special effects in the play are unparalleled and involve not only the stage but the entire theater.

What Broadway show is great for kids?

Best Broadway Shows for Kids Age 6 and Up. 1. Moulin Rouge! If you’re looking for a big, splashy Broadway musical, look no further than Moulin Rouge! at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. Inspired by 2. Six the Musical. 3. Jagged Little Pill. 4. Company. 5. Diana: A New Musical .

Which Broadway musical for kids?

we present to you the mighty “Lion King”.

  • and extraordinary spectacle.
  • the Musical.
  • Hamilton.
  • Mean Girls.
  • What are the best Broadway shows in NYC?

    Quick Answer: The 5 Best Broadway Shows in New York City. The Lion King On Broadway. Phantom of the Opera On Broadway. Chicago On Broadway. Wicked on Broadway. Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway.