What is the Safe T switch for in my AC?

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What is the Safe T switch for in my AC?

Safe T Switch or AC float switch, also sometimes called an AC safety switch. Safe T Switch detects clogged A/C condensate drains and shuts off the system to prevent water damage to floors, walls and ceilings.

Is float switch Safe?

A safety float switch ensures that such a situation does not occur. Air conditioning is designed to ensure that excess moisture drains outside. Emergency drain pans and safety float switches, properly installed by a professional, can provide peace of mind.

Why do float switches fail?

When it comes to the failure of this type of float switch, it generally comes down to certain common causes. These causes include the incorrect configuration of the switch, poor maintenance, using a float switch that is not designed for the purpose or using a float switch that is not properly rated for the application.

How does a safe T switch SS2 work?

Shut-off switch for primary drain pan auxiliary outlet, Safe-T-Switch Model SS2, detects clogged A/C condensate drains and shuts off system to prevent water damage.

What causes float switch failure?

What is a condensation safety switch?

Condensation Safety Switch. This device is installed on the water lines on your system. If the water runs over or does not drain properly the switch will disable the system preventing it from creating more water that can do damage. This will prevent ceiling damage from potential water leaks in the attic.

What is an air conditioning float switch or safety switch?

A safety float switch prevents the drain pan in the unit from overflowing when the AC unit quits working properly. The safety switch uses a built-in microscopic plug to deactivate the compressor unit. The compressor controls the condensation process in the air conditioner.

What is a safety float switch?

A float safety switch is a quick and inexpensive safety piece that detects a backed up or clogged drain and simply turns off the system before it overflows.