What is the Six Thinking Hats technique?

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What is the Six Thinking Hats technique?

The six thinking hats is a tool to boost the productivity of creative thinking by dividing up the different styles of thinking into six “hats”: logic, emotion, caution, optimism, creativity, and control. Each person, or team, takes on the role of a hat, ensuring that all viewpoints and styles are covered.

What are the six metaphorical hats?

The Six Thinking Hats

  • White Hat – Facts and Information. This covers facts, figures, information needs, and gaps.
  • Red Hat – Feeling and Intuition.
  • Black Hat – Caution and Problems.
  • Yellow Hat – Benefits and Advantages.
  • Blue Hat – Managing Thinking.
  • Green Hat – Creativity and Solution.

What is the purpose of the six thinking hats?

Six Thinking Hats is a powerful technique for looking at decision-making from different points of view. By introducing a structured parallel thinking process, it helps people to be more focused and mindfully involved in a discussion.

What is de Bono theory?

Edward de Bono. “Six Thinking Hats” and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think together more effectively.

What is white hat in Six thinking Hats?

One of the main values of the Six Thinking Hat method is its focus on a deliberate thinking mode. The Red Hat and the White Hat are a pair of opposite thinking modes. The White one only looks for facts, while the Red one allows for emotions (not backed up by facts) to be expressed.

What does Blue Hat stand for?

The Blue Hat is the overview Hat. With Blue, think of the sky above. Or think of being cool and in control. The Blue Hat is for the management and organization of thinking.

What does Black Hat stand for?

Black Hat. When you think of black, think of negative, or caution. The black hat is for critical judgment. It points out what cannot be done. The hope is that the black hat role will prevent us from making mistakes.

What is a Blue Hat hacker?

Blue hat hackers are security professionals that work outside of the organization. Companies often invite them to test the new software and find security vulnerabilities before releasing it. Sometimes, companies organize periodic conferences for blue hat hackers to find the bugs in their crucial online systems.

What are the Six Thinking Hats?

Six Thinking Hats is a system designed by Edward de Bono which describes a tool for group discussion and individual thinking involving six colored hats. “Six Thinking Hats” and the associated idea parallel thinking provide a mean for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way,…

What are the six hats of thinking?

The 6 types or “ Thinking Hats ” are: White Hat: analytical, objective thinking, with an emphasis on facts and feasibility. (How to remember White Hat – The color white is often associated with purity. Similarly the White Hat has a clean perspective that is unadulterated by emotion or subjectivity.) Red Hat: emotional thinking,…

What is thinking hat?

Definition: Six Thinking Hats is an ideation, discussion, lateral thinking and parallel thinking model that can be used for exploring different perspectives towards a complex situation or challenge. Seeing things in various ways is often a good idea in business strategy formation or complex decision making processes.