What is the weather like in China in May?

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What is the weather like in China in May?

The weather in May is pleasant with a relatively plentiful amount of sunshine and warm temperatures throughout China. There is a stretch of warm, fairly dry weather before the summer heat and rains set in. May is one of the best times for traveling and sightseeing in China.

What is the weather like in China in April and May?

In north China, the weather is warm during the day but chilly at night. There is still not much rainfall in April. In Beijing, the average temperature range is 8–20°C (46–68°F) and there are typically 4 days (22 mm, 1”) of rain in April. Plants and trees turn green and it’s a good time for appreciating spring scenery.

Does it rain a lot in Wuhan?

Average monthly snow and rainfall in Wuhan (Hubei) in inches A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: March, April, May, June, July and August. On average, June is the wettest month with 8.58 inch (218.0 mm) of precipitation. On average, December is the driest month with 1.34 inch (34.0 mm) of precipitation.

Is May a good time to visit China?

The rule of thumb, in general, is that spring and autumn are the best times to visit China. Any time from March to May and from September to early November are the best moments to plan a great trip.

What clothes to wear in Shanghai in May?

In May, the temperature ranges from 16℃ to 24℃. During this time, you may see people wear both short T-shirts and coats. If you visit to Shanghai then you are suggested to bring a light coat in case of cold and rainy weather. FYI: Rain gears is a must!

What type of climate does Wuhan have?

Wuhan’s climate is classified as warm and temperate. The rainfall in Wuhan is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is Cfa. The average temperature in Wuhan is 17.7 °C | 63.8 °F.

Does Wuhan have snow?

Winter in Wuhan is very cold and although the temperature is not as low as in some northern cities, the wind-chill from river winds and the high humidity makes it feel ten degrees colder, temperatures can drop to -5°C but heavy snowfall is uncommon.

Is it cold in China in May?

Southern China and the Guangzhou region can be wet no matter when you visit, but with an average temperature of 85 F in May it won’t be cold. And areas like Tibet and Northern Gansu—regions that see an influx of tourists in May—are warming up just enough to make the trekking conditions at altitude comfortable.

Is Green bad luck in China?

Green can be considered to be unlucky as it is associated with infidelity. A man wearing a green hat is said to have an unfaithful wife. Black can be considered unlucky too given it’s association to the darkness and secrecy. The word ‘mafia’ translates to ‘black society’ in Chinese.

Is Wuhan a hot climate?

The climate of Wuhan is temperate, with relatively cold winters and hot, muggy, and rainy summers. Winter, from December to February, is quite cold: the average January temperature is 4.5 °C (42 °F).