What is the work of Ghana Link?

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What is the work of Ghana Link?

Ghanalinks.org is an online knowledge management resource that seeks to make data, information and knowledge more accessible for stakeholders in Ghana and elsewhere.

Who owns Ghana Link?


Product type Debit card
Owner Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited
Country Ghana
Introduced 21 November 2012
Markets Ghana

Who is the director of Ghana Link?

nana boadu –
nana boadu – managing director – ghana link network services limited | LinkedIn.

What are the big companies in Ghana?

List of the richest companies in Ghana

  1. Scancom (MTN)
  2. Total Petroleum Ghana.
  3. Goil.
  4. Produce Buying limited.
  5. Newmont Golden Ridge.
  6. Tullow Ghana.
  7. Ghana Commercial Bank.
  8. Ghana National Petroleum Company.

Who is Nick Danso?

Mr. Nick Danso Adjei is the Chairman. Ghana Link Network Services is an Information Technology Company that provides customized robust and versatile trade facilitation solutions to our clients through continuous innovative business process, and also develop the growth capacity of the countries in which it operates.

Which company pays highest salary in Ghana?

Highest Paying Companies in Ghana

  • Tullow Oil Plc. Working with Tullow oil plc is very rewarding.
  • Nestlé Ghana. Nestlé is the largest food company in the world, measured by revenues and other metrics, since 2014.
  • Bank of Ghana.
  • Deloitte Ghana.
  • KPMG.
  • MTN Ghana.
  • Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

Which company is the biggest in Ghana?

Scancom Ghana Limited
Top 10 Companies

Rank Company Country
1 Scancom Ghana Limited (MTN) Ghana
2 Olam Ghana Limited Ghana
3 Total Petroleum Ghana Limited (TPGL) Ghana
4 Ecobank Ghana Limited Ghana

Who is Mr Nick in Ghana?

Nick Adjei Danso Adjei
Mr. Nick Adjei Danso Adjei happens to be the sole owner and Chairman of the Nick Group of companies including Ghana Link Network Services Limited -ICUMS/ UNIPASS, the Royal Nick Hotels Chain, Nick TC Scan (Ghana and Gambia), ALIC Inspection Company (Sierra Leone), MISYL Energy (BDT) just to mention a few.

What is the biggest company in Ghana?

How much do bankers earn in Ghana?

Salaries in the category: Banking. The salary range for people working in Ghana in Banking is typically from 859.00 GHS (minimum salary) to 4,833.00 GHS (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Who is the owner of Nestle Ghana Ltd?

Remy Ejel –
Remy Ejel – Chairman & CEO – Nestlé | LinkedIn.

Who is Danso Abiam in Ghana?

Danso Abiam, who was trained at a French music conservatory, taught at the University of Ghana from 1979-1984, and while there, he devised a chromatic fingering system for the local atenteben bamboo flute. He was later selected as Director of Ghana’s National Symphony Orchestra.