What is TPO coated metal?

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What is TPO coated metal?

A 24-gauge galvanized steel sheet coated with a layer of 0.035″ non-reinforced TPO flashing. TPO Coated Metal is cut into the appropriate width and used to fabricate metal drip edges or other roof perimeter edging profiles.

What gauge is TPO coated metal?

TPO Coated Metal is a 24-gauge (0.6 mm) galvanized steel sheet that is coated with a layer of . 035” non-reinforced TPO flashing. TPO membrane may be welded directly to the coated metal, eliminating the need to strip in the metal with a separate piece of TPO Pressure-Sensitive Cover strip.

Can you paint TPO coated metal?

Thermoplastic olefins (TPOs) can be painted using various methods. TPO materials usually require surface treatment prior to painting. However, some paint companies have developed paint systems that are capable of direct adhesion to TPOs.

What is fully adhered TPO?

The result is that fully adhered roof systems typically have more fasteners installed than mechanically attached roof systems! Once the insulation has been thoroughly fastened down, the roofing membrane is rolled out. In a fully adhered TPO roof system, the membrane is cleaned and heat welded together.

How is TPO roofing applied?

The TPO membrane can be applied in 3 ways: fully adhered with bonding adhesive; mechanically attached; or mechanically attached just at the seams. TPO is always heat-welded at the seams and at accessories. Heat welding creates a monolithic bond between sheets or from sheet to accessory.

What is TPO cover strip?

TPO cover tape is a flexible, non-reinforced TPO membrane used to strip-in metal flanges. Data Sheet. Use: To strip in metal flanges on JM TPO Membrane systems or as directed by JM technical services.

Is TPO paintable?

First, ensure that it is TPO that you have on your roof. Then, based on recommendations from a national coating and paint company in Canada, the best paint to use to paint a TPO roof is elastomeric paint. If you use a good quality elastomeric paint, then that will eliminate the need to use a surface primer first.

Is TPO roof paintable?