What is UDCS?

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What is UDCS?

UDCS. Universal Decimal Classification System. UDCS. Unlawful Distribution of a Controlled Substance (criminal offense)

What is the full form of UDCS in economics?

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What is difference between DDC and UDC?

As opposed to DDC, which is used mainly in public libraries, UDC tends to be used in larger, academic, research, national or special libraries.

What does UDC stand for in medical category?

Acronym Definition UDC USB (Universal Serial Bus) Device Contro UDC University of the District of Columbia UDC Universidade da Coruña (Spain) UDC United Daughters of the Confederacy

What does the UDC stand for in Qatar?

The UDC initiative is aimed at easing the traffic congestion linked to the rising number of residents and visitors on The Pearl Qatar. Hamad Saleh Al Qamra said: “We are pleased to partner with UDC and invest in Viva Bahriya as an elegant and peaceful district which appeals to a target of selective residents.”

What was the legacy of the Manchester UDCs?

The UDCs may have had a limited lifespan, but their legacy remains. And later UDCs, in central Manchester for instance, worked more closely with local authorities in the pursuit of common ends.

What does UDC stand for in stock market?

– UDC is starting to reap the benefits from the strong performances of some of its partner companies and subsidiaries, and will continue to seek and establish solid future partnerships. The deal would see UDC issue the new shares at 20 riyals each to the pension fund, pending shareholder approval.