What kind of catfish has stripes?

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What kind of catfish has stripes?

Striped Raphael Catfish
Striped Raphael Catfish are great freshwater species that often overlooked by many aquarists.

Are Striped Raphael catfish Scaleless?

The Striped Raphael Catfish are fairly hardy but are subject to the same diseases as other tropical fish. Because they are a scaleless fish, catfish can be treated with pimafix or melafix but should not be treated with potassium permanganate or copper based medications.

How big do Humbug catfish get?

9.6″ (24cm). Captive specimens of this size are rare, but it’s easily capable of reaching 6″ (15cm).

Can u eat striped eel catfish?

This species is relatively friendly towards fish that are too big to eat and the Striped eel catfish can be kept with most other fish species that are too big to be considered food.

Can Raphael catfish live with cichlids?

Their tough skin lets the Striped Raphael Catfish tolerate a variety of peaceful, and agressive fish, including some cichlids. Be careful whenever handling them.

How many Raphael catfish should be kept together?

Unlike aggressive species of catfish, the spotted Raphael won’t actively hunt the other members of the community, but they will opportunistically snack on smaller fish. You can keep a single catfish in your tank, but they prefer to be kept in groups of 3 to 5 and can be quite gregarious with each other at night.

How fast do Striped Raphael catfish grow?

A: Striped Raphael catfish grow to reach between seven and nine inches in length. This fish species grows very slowly, only growing an inch or so every one to two years until reaching its full adult size.

Do Striped Raphael catfish eat snails?

Native to South America, Striped Raphael Catfish are used to eating invertebrates. In the wild, they often consume shrimp, snails, and insects. In captivity, the fish will eat much of the same thing, making them a great choice for getting rid of snails in your aquarium.

Can Raphael catfish live with guppies?

Of course, Raphaels are omnivorous catfish, and this means that fish keepers need to remember the number-one rule about fish compatibility: If a fish is small enough to fit in another fish’s mouth, that is usually where it will end up. So guppy and breeding tanks are no-nos for the Raphael.

Are striped catfish poisonous?

Striped Catfish must be handled with extreme caution. The sharp serrated fin spines are highly venomous and rare fatalities have occurred. People may also develop secondary infections if the spine tips break off in a wound. The similar Eel Catfish, Plotosus canius, has long nasal barbels that extend beyond the eyes.

Where are striped eel catfish found?

When most people think of catfish, they think of a freshwater fish. But the striped eel catfish (Plotosus lineatus ) is found in marine systems including coral reefs, estuaries, tide pools and other coastal areas of the Indo-Western Pacific.

Can I put catfish with cichlids?

Catfish can be an excellent addition to an African Cichlid aquarium. Although the African Cichlid is noted for its aggression, the larger catfish species are compatible tank mates and generally do a great job of helping maintain water quality.