What level trauma center is Denver Health?

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What level trauma center is Denver Health?

As the first Trauma Center in Colorado, Denver Health was just re-verified and designated as a Level One Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons and the State of Colorado, continuing a long legacy of providing care for the most severely injured.

What is the best trauma center in Colorado?

The State of Colorado has designated UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central as a Level I Trauma Center, making it one of only four hospitals in the state with the highest classification for trauma care.

Is MCR a Level 1 trauma center?

MCR is a level II Trauma Center, and we perform approximately 900 surgeries per month.

What happens in a Level 1 trauma center?

Level I: The center provides total care, from prevention through rehabilitation. These also offer a teaching program for medical residents, as well as ongoing research. They also have the deepest “bench” in terms of available surgical specialties.

What level trauma center is best?

The different levels (i.e. Level I, II, III, IV or V) refer to the kinds of resources available within a trauma center and the number of patients admitted yearly. Being at a Level 1 trauma center provides the highest level of surgical care for trauma patients.

Who is the trauma director at Denver Health?

Dr. Ryan Lawless is the Trauma Medical Director and Surgical Director of the Progressive Care Unit at the Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center at Denver Health. He is also an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Is there A Level 1 Trauma Center in Denver?

Denver Health’s Level 1 Trauma Center is committed to providing trauma education to trauma centers, hospitals, physicians and pre-hospital agencies throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

Is there a trauma lecture series at Denver Health?

The Denver Health Trauma Lecture Series is held at Denver Health monthly for internal education and broadcasted via Webex. Anyone can access Denver Health’s continuing education (CME, CNE, CE). Our trauma experts and nursing staff provide training by request.

Who is the director of Communications at Denver Health?

He is an avid teacher and lecturer to medical students and residents and has numerous publications and presentations. Dr. Jamie Jones Coleman is the Director of Communications and Outreach for the Department of Surgery at Denver Health and an Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.