What makes Kimpton Hotels different from other hotels?

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What makes Kimpton Hotels different from other hotels?

As the industry pioneer that first introduced the boutique concept to the US, we at Kimpton ® Hotels & Restaurants are renowned for making travellers feel genuinely cared for through thoughtful perks and amenities, inventive meetings and events, bold and playful design, and a sincerely personal style of guest service. This opens in a new window.

Where was the first Kimpton Hotel in the US?

In 1981, Bill Kimpton rolled out the group’s first hotel in San Francisco. Since then, the company READ MORE In 1981, Bill Kimpton rolled out the group’s first hotel in San Francisco.

Where is the Kimpton Taconic Hotel in Vermont?

Situated in the heart of historic Manchester, Vermont, the Kimpton Taconic Hotel is surrounded by charming New England bridges and clapboard houses, and allows visitors to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, leaf-peeping and fly-fishing, depending on the season.

Where is the Kimpton Hotel in Chicago located?

Kimpton Gray Hotel. The Kimpton Gray Hotel is located in downtown Chicago ‘s Financial District, but it attracts more than just business travelers. With Vol. 39, a law library-inspired bar, and Boleo, a rooftop lounge with Latin American street food, it’s a popular hot spot for tourists and locals alike.

Is there A Kimpton Hotel in the Netherlands?

Book your tickets for 2022 when Kimpton opens the doors to a new tropical oasis on the dreamy shores of West Bay Beach. Rotterdam is quintessential Netherlands, reinvented with a design-driven edge. A Kimpton hotel joins the mix in City Centre in 2022.

Where to find a Kimpton Hotel in Texas?

Find a hotel on your route In the city where the West begins, an effortless blend of Texas history and modern style. More about Kimpton Harper Hotel Like a refreshing tide-shift, the hotel inspires you with bold experiences in the most serene of settings.

Where is the new Kimpton Hotel in Barcelona?

More about Kimpton Naranta Bali In the historical and cultural heart of Barcelona, this sophisticated urban escape captures the artistic spirit of the surrounding neighborhood. A brand-new hotel with a modern, Art Deco–inspired design offers the feeling of lived-in luxury in the skyscraper district of Shinjuku.