What makes the Aquila Group of funds so good?

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What makes the Aquila Group of funds so good?

The Aquila Group of Funds combines rigorous, hands-on investment research with a strong commitment to service and approachability. Within the Aquila Group of Funds, each fund is managed to our high standards of quality and care, which we apply when implementing our municipal bond, equity, and high-yield corporate bond strategies.

Is there an initial deferred sales charge for Aquila funds?

Class I and Class Y shares have no initial or contingent deferred sales charge, and are available only through financial professionals. Before investing in one of the Aquila Group of Funds, carefully read about and consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other information found in the Fund prospectus.

What are the fees for Aquila Narragansett Income Fund?

Aquila Narragansett Tax-Free Income Fund: The Manager has contractually undertaken to waive fees and or reimburse Fund expenses so that total Fund expenses will not exceed 0.83% for Class A Shares, 1.68% for Class C Shares, 0.99% for Class I Shares or 0.68% for Class Y Shares. These expense limitations are in effect until September 30, 2014.

Who is the founder of Aquila Management Corporation?

Aquila Management Corporation, the Funds’ founder and sponsor, is a family-owned, privately-held firm established in 1984 to serve the needs of investors and financial advisors. For more on our philosophy and mission, we encourage you to read our Guiding Principles.

When to reinvest dividend proceeds in American funds?

Investors may reinvest proceeds from a redemption, dividend payment or capital gain distribution without a sales charge in any of the American Funds within 90 days of the redemption, dividend payment or distribution.

When do plan sponsors sign an American funds prototype agreement?

When a plan sponsor signs an American Funds prototype agreement, all plan contributions are required to come to American Funds. When a sponsor selects another prototype of an IRA Model Agreement, some of the contributions may come to American Funds, but the participants are not required to establish an account with American Funds.