What mocha Pro supports mocha module?

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What mocha Pro supports mocha module?

The OFX version of the Mocha Plugin is fully supported in Nuke, Fusion, HitFilm Pro, Vegas Pro and Silhouette.

What is Boris FX mocha Pro?

Boris FX Mocha Pro is the ultimate tool for planar tracking and visual effects. Roto-masking, image stabilization, screen replacing or object removal: Mocha Pro lets you do it easily and in no time at all.

What can mocha Pro do?

Mocha Pro is the professional’s choice for advanced visual effects and “invisible” clean up work, such as removing unwanted objects, match-moving realistic screen inserts and superior camera stabilization.

How much does mocha Pro cost?


Mocha Pro (standalone)
Purchase Price (nodelocked) $1495 (full) $495 (upgrade from Mocha Pro 4)
Subscription Option: Annual price $495 (includes multi-host and standalone application)
License Options Floating or Nodelocked
Unique to Version Python Scripting Module. Floating license support. Silhouette FX support

What is the difference between Mocha AE and mocha Pro?

While Mocha AE CC contains many features, Mocha Pro is designed to have more advanced VFX features and supports many more hosts with export for Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, Autodesk and many more. We now have a simplified product lineup with Mocha Pro 2019 our flagship product.

Is Boris mocha Pro free?

Mocha Pro can be purchased with various license options: Individual Host License: As a plug-in for individual hosts: Adobe, Avid, OFX (Choose OFX for Nuke, Fusion, Vegas Pro & HitFilm). Standalone Application + Multi-Host: The standalone application option includes the multi-host plug-in license free of charge.

Is Mocha free with after effects?

Mocha AE CC is licensed by Adobe and ships free inside After Effects Creative Cloud. This free version is launched from within AE and features Mocha’s planar tracking and masking functions, limited to support for After Effects Creative Cloud.

Is Mocha Pro free?

We highly encourage new users to start with the Adobe bundled Mocha AE CC, if you are happy and want to learn more, download a free 14 day trial of Mocha Pro.

Is Mocha included in After Effects?

Mocha AE is the planar tracking and masking plug-in bundled with Adobe After Effects.

Is Mocha free for AE?

How do you open mocha AE?

To open Mocha Plus or Mocha Pro inside of After Effects the same way Mocha AE opens from After Effects, simply go to Mocha>file>preferences and open Mocha’s preferences. Check “track in AE” and close Mocha. Restart After Effects and use Animation > Track in Mocha AE as you normally would.

What kind of tracking engine does Mocha Pro use?

PowerMesh: Mocha’s planar tracking engine now handles warped surfaces with speed and accuracy. PowerMesh sub-surface tracking drives warp stabilization, mesh warped roto-splines, and more. Export dense mesh tracking to many hosts with the new Alembic exporter.

What does planar tracking do in Mocha Pro?

Planar tracking is at the heart of all Mocha modules and is used to drive tracking, roto-masking, object removal, and more. Unlimited tracking layers and the advanced AdjustTrack interface can handle reflections, occlusions, noise, and even areas with motion blur or low details.

What do you need to know about the Mocha workspace?

MOCHA ESSENTIALS INTERFACE. The Mocha Essentials workspace brings the power of Mocha to novice level users with a simplified, elegant, and easy-to-learn interface. Tracking & masking is now faster by reducing complexity and focusing the Mocha interface on the most essential icons and tools.

How is Mocha used to track organic surfaces?

Track complex organic surfaces through occlusions and blur using Mocha’s intuitive layer based interface. Simple to use and faster than most optical flow based techniques.