What model generac do I have?

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What model generac do I have?

The Generac pressure washer model number and serial number are located on a sticker on the side of the engine housing next to the recoil assembly.

Who makes Guardian generator?

Generac Power Systems
Generac Power Systems – Guardian Series Home Generators.

Who makes Generac OHV engines?

Generac Power Systems Inc.
Generac G-FORCEĀ® and OHVI engines are designed and manufactured by Generac Power Systems Inc. at our facilities in Wisconsin. The Generac OHV engines are not engineered or manufactured in the U.S.

Can I service my own Generac generator?

If you need to replace any part in your generator, Generac sells replacement parts. You can install them yourself, or contact a licensed technician to complete the repairs for you. If you don’t keep up with maintenance, you are shortening the life of your unit and could potentially void your warranty.

What is the lifespan of a Generac generator?

Because Generac engines were developed specifically for generators and designed to provide approximately 3,000 hours of use, with typical usage and proper maintenance an automatic standby generator can provide in excess of 30 years of service.

Is Generac made in China?

Generac. Generac Power Systems is an American based generator and power equipment manufacturer, founded in 1959. The company has several manufacturing facilities based in the US, thus, their products are made in the USA.

Where can I Find my Generac Power System Manual?

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Where can I get help with my Generac snow blower?

For additional troubleshooting assistance for log splitters, power graders, snow blowers, stump grinders and more, call Generac at 888-545-6576

Where can I buy a Generac backup generator?

Shop and buy genuine Generac parts and accessories for your home backup generator, portable generator, or pressure washer.