What movies won awards in the 60s?

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What movies won awards in the 60s?

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  • 1960 Winner – “The Apartment”
  • 1961 Winner – “West Side Story”
  • 1962 Winner – “Lawrence of Arabia”
  • 1963 Winner – “Tom Jones”
  • 1964 Winner – “My Fair Lady”
  • 1965 Winner – “The Sound of Music”
  • 1966 Winner – “A Man for All Seasons”

Which film from the 1960s is the only film musical to win 10 Oscars?

West Side Story (1961) By the ’60s, musicals were big business – resulting in four Best Picture winners including 1961’s West Side Story, which took home 10 Oscars and beat out Fanny, The Guns of Navorone, The Hustler and Judgment at Nuremberg.

Which British film has won the most Oscars?

Which British person has won the most Oscars? Film composer John Barry has won more Oscars than any other Brit. He has garnered five Academy Awards in total, two for Born Free (1966), and one each for Lion in Winter (1968), Out of Africa (1985) and Dances with Wolves (1990).

What movies were nominated for best picture in 1961?

Best Motion Picture

  • The Apartment. Billy Wilder, Producer.
  • The Alamo. John Wayne, Producer.
  • Elmer Gantry. Bernard Smith, Producer.
  • Sons and Lovers. Jerry Wald, Producer.
  • The Sundowners. Fred Zinnemann, Producer.

What movies won and Oscar for best film in the 1960s?

Picture: “West Side Story” Actor: Maximilian Schell, “Judgment at Nuremberg”

  • Picture: “Lawrence of Arabia” Actor: Gregory Peck, “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  • Picture: “Tom Jones”
  • Picture: “My Fair Lady”
  • Picture: “The Sound of Music”
  • Picture: “A Man for All Seasons”
  • Picture: “In the Heat of the Night”
  • Picture: “Oliver!”
  • What movie musical has won the most Oscars?

    “West Side Story” is a 1961 American romantic musical tragedy film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins.

    What was the first musical to ever win a Best Picture Oscar?

    Broadway Melody
    Broadway Melody (1929) Not only was “Broadway Melody” the first musical to win Best Picture, it was also the first full-sound film to receive the honor.