What oil complies with VW 504 00?

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What oil complies with VW 504 00?

All engine oils with VW 504 00 approval are Longlife oils. However, they can also be used in cars without extended change intervals. For diesel engines, the VW 507 00 standard applies accordingly; both specifications are intended for viscosity classes SAE 0w30 and SAE 5w30….Contact.

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What viscosity is VW 504 00 oil?

Engine Oil Viscosity: 5w-30(22)

What is VW 502 00 oil equivalent?

If your car is approved for VW 502 00, you can also fill in oil with release VW 504 00 without hesitation. Possible viscosity classes for VW 502 00 are SAE 0w30, SAE 5w30, SAE 10w30, SAE 0w40, SAE 5w40 and SAE 10w40. The VW standard 502 00 also applies to gasoline engines of the affiliates Audi, Skoda and Seat.

What does VW 504 00 mean?

Oil for gasoline engines. VW 504 00 oils are suitable for engines meeting the demands of Euro IV emissions standards. VW 505.00. Passenger car diesel engine oil specification, minimum performance level CCMC PD-2. Lists viscosities SAE 5W-50, 10W-50/60, 15W-40/50, 20W-40/50 requiring 13% max.

What oil complies with VW 508 00?

Castrol recently unveiled a new low viscosity engine oil for Volkswagen (VW) engines. Developed in co-operation with Volkswagen, the Edge Professional LL IV FE 0W-20 oil is intended for use in engines requiring the VW 508 00/509 00 specification to help maximize performance.

What oil complies with VW 507 00?

VW Oil – 5W-30 Weight – Motor Oil Spec VW 504 00 , 507 00 – German Ravenol VMP – 5L. 5 Liter Bottle – 5W-30 fully synthetic motor oil carries OEM Approvals for VW 504 00, VW 507 00 specs. Meets API SN, ACEA C3 oil standards.

What is the difference between VW 502 and 504?

504 is a lower SAPS version of 502, with some modernization. 504 starts with lower TBN so it’s possible that 502 does better with extended drain intervals. Look at the ACEA sequences and compare A3/B4(502) to C3(504).

What does VW 508 00 oil mean?

The comparatively new engine oil specification VW 508 00 was issued by Volkswagen for petrol engines with low consumption. SAE 0w20 is intended as the viscosity class. Due to the low viscosity of the oil there is little friction in the engine, which in turn reduces fuel consumption.

What oil is VW 507 00?

SAE 5W-30
LongLife oils meeting 504 00/507 00 are now SAE 5W-30 viscosity.

What kind of oil does a Audi 504 take?

VW 504 00 Oil Spec The VW 504 00 oil specification is for Audi VW gasoline engines with extended or long life service intervals (Confirm intervals with the vehicle manufacturer). The VW 504 00 oil specification is also known by VW as a Longlife III engine oil. VW 504 00 oil specification replaces the VW 503 00 and VW 503.01 oil specifications.

What are the specs for a VW 504 00?

The following oils meets specifications VW 504 00 and 507 00 and are VW approved. All are 5W-30 oils. Those highlighted in bold are or were available to buy in the UK. VW 504 00 covers the following VW-specifications for petrol-engine cars:

What kind of oil do you put in a VW 500?

Individuals desiring VW 500 00 oil specification quality standard should use an engine oil with VW 502 00 / 505 00 oil quality specifications for higher engine oil performance. The VW 501 01 oil specification was designed for both VW gasoline and diesel engines built before late 1999.

What kind of oil does a VW 2.0L use?

2004-2005 VW 2.0L TDI diesel engine code BHW (This oil specification was discontinued in America and updated to VW 505 01. VW 507 00 oil spec can also be used for this engine application.) VW 506 01 oil specification cross references to OEM part numbers G 052 183 M2, G 052 183 M4, G 052 183 M6 and G 052 183 M9.