What schools are in the Metro League?

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What schools are in the Metro League?


School Enrollment Mascot
Aloha High School 1794 Warriors
Beaverton High School 1654 Beavers
Jesuit High School 1294 Crusaders
Mountainside High School 800 Mavericks

How many teams are in the Flint Metro League?

Flint Metro League/Number of teams

What division is the Flint Metro League?

Division 2
Both teams will compete in the Division 2 State Finals at Bedford Valley in Battle Creek on Oct. 15-16. Individual qualifiers from the Metro include Sara Ritchie from Kearsley, Anya Ng of Flushing, Leah LaFleur from Brandon, Olivia Schmieder from Clio and Emily Madill from Goodrich.

Who is in the Saginaw Valley League?

The South will include Grand Blanc (2,812), Davison (1,787), Lapeer (1,732), Heritage (1,398), Saginaw United (1,189), Flint Carman-Ainsworth (1,155) and Flint Powers (603). Heritage will move from being the largest school in the North to the fourth-largest school in the South.

What schools are in the Flint Metro League?

Current members

School Nickname Joined
Owosso Trojans 2017
Goodrich Martians 2019
Corunna Cavaliers 2019
Lake Fenton Blue Devils 2019

What schools are in the Saginaw Valley League?

The SVL North Division currently counts Bay City Central, Bay City Western, Midland, Midland Dow, Mt. Pleasant and Saginaw Heritage as members while the SVL South Division includes Davison, Flint Carman-Ainsworth, Flint powers, Grand Blanc, Lapeer and Saginaw Arthur Hill.

What league is Grand Blanc in?

Saginaw Valley League
The Saginaw Valley League currently has 14 member schools….Current members.

School Red Division Grand Blanc
Nickname Bobcats
Location Grand Blanc
Joined 2018
Previous Conference Kensington Lakes Activities Association