What should the overall length of a 223 be?

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What should the overall length of a 223 be?

223 Remington cartridge, when loaded for use in the AR-15 rifle (or the military’s M16 rifle), has to fit into the removable box magazine for that rifle. This dictates that the cartridge’s maximum overall length be no greater than 2.260″.

What is the overall length of a 5.56 round?

5.56×45mm NATO
Rim diameter 9.60 mm (0.378 in)
Rim thickness 1.14 mm (0.045 in)
Case length 44.70 mm (1.760 in)
Overall length 57.40 mm (2.260 in)

What is the minimum length for a 223 round?

The SAMMI spec for . 223 Remingtion is 2.125 minumum, 2.260 maximum. In reality, your maximum is limited by the magazie, unless you are single loading some big match bullets like the SMK 80 grain pills. The Hornady reloading manual says 2.200 for that bullet.

What is overall length of the part?

overall length means a straight-line measurement of the overall distance from the foremost point of the vessel to the aftermost part of the vessel, measured parallel to the centerline.

What bullet diameter is the 350 legend?

.350 Legend
Case type Rebated rim, straight walled
Bullet diameter .3570–.0030 in (9.068–0.076 mm)
Neck diameter .378 in (9.6 mm)
Base diameter .390 in (9.9 mm)

What is bullet length?

Place the bullet back into the neck of the modified case and measure the overall length of the cartridge with a bullet comparator. This measurement is the length of a loaded round with the bullet touching the rifling (for that particular bullet).

How long is an AR 15 overall?

The AR-556 has a barrel length of just 10.5 inches and an overall length of 25.3 to 27.9 inches.

Is 223 ammo good for deer hunting?

Yes, the . 223 Remington is a suitable deer cartridge, and it is legal for deer in most states.