What size bar does a Stihl 029 use?

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What size bar does a Stihl 029 use?

Stihl says it can handle from 16-20″. As with most things, if you are at the edge of recommended duty, performance can start to slip. But to answer your question… Yes, the 029 was designed to handle a 20″ bar.

What is a Stihl 029 worth?

An 029 sells around here for $200 to $300.

What saw replaced the Stihl 029?

MS291 is the direct replacement in the 55 cc class.

What size file do you use on a Stihl chainsaw?

This filing kit is for the . 325-inch STIHL chains. The file size is 5/32-inch.

What chain does a Stihl 029 Super use?

18″ Chain fits Stihl Chainsaw 029 039 MS290 MS390 MS310 028 026 MS260 . 325 74DL (Read Note)

Is a Stihl 029 Super a good chainsaw?

Re: Stihl 029 Super The 029 Supers and MS290’s are very good saws.

What year was Stihl 029 made?

of Virginia Beach, Va., announced today that it is recalling approximately 50,000 series 1127 chain saws, models 029 and 039 that were manufactured from March 7, 1993 to August 12, 1994.

Is Stihl 029 a good saw?

Re: Stihl 029 Super The 029 Supers and MS290’s are very good saws. They are just a pain in the butt to rebuild comparatively. But, there is no reason that anybody that is not in the business would need to rebuild a saw unless they do something dumb.

How much is a 039 Stihl chainsaw worth?

Value is something determined by area. In my area a good clean, good running 039/390 with bar and chain will go for as much as $350.

What are the parts of a Stihl 029 chainsaw?

Stihl 029 Chainsaw (029) Parts Diagram Select a page from the Stihl 029 Chainsaw diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram. All parts that fit a 029 Chainsaw . Pages in this diagram. Carburetor HD-5. Carburetor HD-18D. Carburetor HD-19D. Chain Brake. Cylinder. Handle Housing. Ignition. Motor Housing.

Is the Stihl 029 Super worth the money?

029S is nearly identical to the it current but soon to be discontinued MS290. Discontinue the 290 its a better saw than the 291, which has the quick chain adjuster and the choked up muffler!! That’s kind of surprising that the 290 will be discontinued, I agree it may be underpowered for the weight but they sell a ton of those saws.

Where can I get replacement parts for my St ms290 chainsaw?

If you need replacement aftermarket parts for your ST MS290 MS310 MS390 029 031 039 Chainsaw, HUZTL has them.

How much does a Stihl farm boss cost?

The Stihl dealer reccommended the MS290 Farm Boss which retails for $379. Now for my long-winded question: I have the opportunity to purchase a Stihl 029 20″ bar, used very little about 10 years old for $150.